My hometown celebrates its Harvest Festival over the Labor Day weekend. So we always go up and visit that weekend. This year was no exception.

The weather was gorgeous.

We enjoyed a visit from my cousin, his wife, and their FIVE kiddos. (Their third is Grace’s age, and he was 7 when they found out they were preggo with twins! The babies were born in March.)

We enjoyed the pool, even though the water was pretty chilly!

We always sleep over at my parents’ house, because they have plenty of beds for all of us. But it’s fun to walk the path from their house to my sister’s house. It was refreshing to have my whole family (Liabenow side, of course) within walking distance.

The path between the houses

And what would a holiday be without a parade?!

Our kids enjoyed this annual festivity, too. Candy was caught and eaten in excess (ahem, Jaden).

Six years ago, we almost didn’t visit my parents for Labor Day weekend. But at the last minute, we decided to make the trip anyway. And I was so very thankful that we did, when just a short time later (on September 16, 2006) my dad very nearly died. Labor Day weekend was the last time I spent with my pre-accident daddy. I’m so thankful that he’s still here to catch candy with my kids at the Harvest Festival parades!