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We moved!

Back in 2006, we moved into the beautiful house that we built, in the country. Past the dairy farm and right in front of the corn fields. Literally.

And we loved it. We picked out every last doorknob, cabinet, and paint color. It was “us.”

But it was also tiring to drive 25 minutes to church quite often, and 20 minutes to work (for Luke). In fact, his commute increased to about 35 minutes the past year or so, because he starting working at a different building most of the time.

So, we put it on the market. Took it off. Put it back on. Took it back off. You get the idea.

But this time….IT SOLD!!! 🙂

We had a great realtor, who was a friend of ours from our Ada Bible Church days. And the real estate market in the GR area is picking up.

So, we moved to a home just 15 minutes from work, 5 minutes from church (after the construction season is over, at least), 4 minutes from Meijer, 3 minutes from Target…You get the idea. 🙂

We had a great army of family and church family help with the move, and I’m SO THANKFUL for that! All the boxes/furniture/junk was out of the old house and into the new house in about three hours. THREE HOURS, folks! That’s GREAT!

I handed Elyse my camera at one point (at the new house) and asked her to take pictures. I’ll share some of them (and some others) below. Thanks, Elyse!

Some of our junk

Lots of cars = lots of help!

Our almost-empty living room

Goodbye, old home!

Mom R and Em were AMAZING helpers, as they cleaned the entire “old” house after it was empty. THANK YOU!!!

Some of the hard-working guys setting up the dining room table in the new house

The man of the house setting up Caleb’s bed

Jaden loves playing with Papa!

Grace loved holding baby Violet, so that her mama could help with the moving.

Miss Camerawoman taking a drink break on our HOT moving day

“Look at my new room!”

Again, thanks to everyone that helped!

We’re all adjusting well. The kids are loving the new house – praise the Lord! Luke is loving being back in really-fast-Internet-land, and I am loving being so close to all the grocery stores. 🙂


  1. So glad it finally sold! Man, Mom and I look pooped in that picture! Can’t wait to see you for a little bit on Friday when I pick up Erin!

  2. michele, the trusty neighbor

    July 11, 2012 at 12:21 pm

    Now I have to change my name above. 🙁

    Why do we suddenly feel so alone here in our neighborhood? We don’t hear the neighbor kids yelling, “Bye!” to their daddy every morning. We don’t see the Rumley van drive by our house on Sunday morning like it’s on fire because they are late again. I can’t call Lacey to watch Ellie while Levi goes to his “job” at ICR. Frantic calls for something from Lacey’s pantry are out of the question. Working out at the gym with a friend (who whines the whole time about my trying to kill her) is a thing of the past. No more trying to blow up my neighbors on the 4th of July, either.

    Yup, I’m still in mourning. I’ll get over it, but for now I have a pouty lip.

    • Ya know, Michele, there IS a solution…. don’t YOU want to be 4 minutes away from Target and Meijers too??? And there’s even a SNAP close by! A bit of a hard move for a farm girl, but it’s not exactly ghetto, and I’m sure Ellie and Levi would adjust. You’ll have to think on it… 🙂

      • michele, the trusty neighbor

        July 13, 2012 at 8:36 am

        Darling Dana, I had enough city life while in college. It’s the farm life for me! But, I would like all the stores to be nearer in the winter.

        It sounds like you are neighbors to the Rumley family (who must be allergic to the farm life). How far is your home from them?

        My Ellie would love the city life. She would meet so many people and become instant friends with all of them! 🙂 Levi would only be friends with anyone who fed him!

        • Are you calling Cedarville “city life?????” Then you’re definitely a farm girl for life, hahaha! Yeah, I’m just up the road from Rumley’s… 0.3 miles or something ridiculous like that. 🙂

  3. This made me all emotionally and I never even saw your old home in person. Jeeps! 🙂 I love reading your blogs… Makes me feel like a part of the Rumley Family. 🙂 hope to see more pics of the new place soon! Seems nice from the few I have seen.

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