My sister Melissa, me, Mom, and my niece and nephew

My sister Melissa, me, Mom, and my niece and nephew

She was the middle child of five kids, all born within one crazy 7-year stretch of time. Four girls and one boy.

Her dad, who had fought in the Korean War, was a truck driver. And her mom worked at a factory.

She met my dad when she was young – 17. The same age I was when I met Luke. They got married just a couple of months after she turned 18. That was nearly 38 years ago.

And since 1982, she has been an example of faithfulness and godliness to me.

In my growing up years, I often found her at the kitchen table, her Bible and journal in front of her, with a cup of hot cocoa. I knew that she faithfully read God’s Word and kept a journal, with writings and poetry to Him.

She was a stay-at-home mom, and I loved it. I have many memories of coming home from school to a fresh batch of chocolate chip muffins (or some other delectable snack), and she was always ready to ask how my day went. She was there, too, when I needed help studying for a test or something for school or church. We would sit on the floor in the kitchen and study and talk and laugh.

I don’t take it for granted that she dedicated her life to raising her three girls.

In the moments and hours and days and years of schedules and routines and discipline issues and cooking, cleaning, laundry, dishes….She faithfully gave me an example of what a godly mother looks like.

And then, 7 years ago, when my dad was in a near-fatal accident, and he spent 3 weeks in a coma and many more weeks in hospitals working toward recovery, her faith was put to the test. Like Job, she had a choice: curse God for allowing this to happen, or trust Him.

What I love to remember, what makes me smile, is that I never, ever saw her faith waver. In those days and weeks of tears and sorrow and begging my dad to open his eyes, move his hands, learn to talk, stand, swallow, walk…The many years that she had spent communing with God at our kitchen table paid off.

He was her ROCK. The days were hard. But she still trusted that God is good.

And because of her example, my faith (and I’m certain the faith of many others) was made stronger.

Her birthday was yesterday, and I’m celebrating her and the godly legacy she is giving to her kids and grandkids, and generations to come.

I’m so thankful that God gave me her to call Mom.