I feel like I talk about our friends here a lot, probably because they’re a big part of our lives. We feel very blessed to have some godly friends in our lives and the lives of our kiddos.

As I was looking through pictures from last month, I noticed something that made me smile.

I have a friend named Jana. She was born 24 days before me, and I think we were even friends while our moms were pregnant. 🙂 We were in the same class from nursery school through 4th grade, and made it through high school as BFFs (though there were some rough times that looked like our friendship might not make it intact)!

When I get together with Jana, I don’t have to explain my family background, where I’m coming from, or my personality quirks. Because for all of my almost 31 years, she’s lived through it with me. That’s pretty precious if you ask me.


There’s this sweet girl named Karisa. She was born 17 months before Grace. They have been friends since Grace’s birth, and to this day love to be together. Their latest adventure was going to Lake Ann Camp together for a week. They’re still young enough to think matching each other is cool, and they talk and giggle like crazy.

I anticipate their friendship being one of those friendships that Grace will be able to look back on when she’s 30 years old and realize just how precious it is.

I’m thanking God for giving Grace that gift, too.