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Grace’s Lake Ann Camp Adventure

The last week in June, Grace had her first camp experience at Lake Ann Camp. I’ll let her tell you about it in her own words.


My favorite place there was Acorn Acres, the barn. There were two horses, a bunny, three kittens, a rooster, a pony, a donkey, and 4 ostriches. We chased the ostriches. We had to get them in between two trees, and we got 3 in between the trees, but one we got in between them twice. The person who owned the barn was named Lydia.

My counselor’s name is Jenna.

There was me, Karisa, Eden, Kezie, Mayleah, Annie, and Addison. That’s all there was in our cabin.

We had a big chapel, which I liked, and PK (Pastor Kurt) was the lesson teacher. And Heartsong was the band.

We memorized 1 John 4:7-11.

The lessons were about how God made you to be a good friend.

Annie was Chefy’s daughter. Chefy was the cook.

There were fun games, like Find the Counselors and things like that.

We had a fun time there, especially singing.

We went snorkeling, canoeing, and did archery for skill time (three different days).

Something really cool is that if you have a blue band, which means you failed the swimming test (like I did), your counselor can take one person that has a blue band at a time past the rope (which you need to stay in if you have a blue band).

The worst thing that I didn’t like was Zach Attack. That is games for Juniors (that’s what group I’m in), while the counselors have a meeting.

Another thing that I really didn’t like was Little Sally Walker. You stand in a circle and one person is in the middle. And she will walk in a circle around the group. And you say, “Little Sally Walker walking down the street. She didn’t know what to do, so she stopped in front of me. She said, ‘Hey, girl, do your thing, do your thing, switch. Hey, girl, do your thing, do your thing, switch.'” You have to do a dance move if you’re Sally Walker in front of the person while you’re saying the rhyme. And the person that was in front of Sally Walker is now Sally Walker, but before she starts walking, she has to do that dance move back.

We did flagpole rising twice. We would rise a flag, right after we woke up and got dressed.

There was really yummy food, and we had a no-hands eating contest with spaghetti. That was very messy. And Annie was disgusted at even one crumb on her face.

The last day, we had cinnamon rolls, which was really yummy. So were the french toast sticks, which we had a few days before.

We did polar bear swimming right after we woke up, got swimsuits on, and got clothes over our swimsuits, which was very cold (but warmer than the air).

Skit night was really fun, and funny, especially the skit about Jenna’s picnic and the statue eating her food.

I also liked the skit about the invisible bench. That’s where there were about 10 people squatting next to each other, making it look like there was an invisible bench. Jenna was going to be the last one to sit down, and a person said, “Jenna, come sit down with us on the invisible bench.” And Jenna said, “What do you mean? I moved it over there yesterday.” And she pointed way over the other direction, and everyone fell over backwards with their legs sticking up.

Our cabin’s name was OstraPolka Frogs. (Ostriches, Polka Dots, and Frogs.)

We had this fun game that we did after we prayed, while we were waiting for the meals. And it was called WonderStick. To play, you picked a stick and stood in a circle with your group and then you passed the stick in a circle, saying, “WonderStick goes round and round, pass it quickly, you are bound. If you are the one to hold it last, the game for you has quickly passed.” You do that until the last two people are there, and then you hold each other’s hands, one person’s hands crossed, and the other person’s straight. And you zigzag till the end of the word, and the person’s arms that are straight is the person who won. I won twice.

We all had a fun time there, but it was really good to get back home.


Grace was SO TIRED when she got home, but it sounds like it went really well. We’re so thankful that God worked it out for her to be able to go. Our dear friend Kathy was there almost the whole week, and was able to help manage her diabetes so that it wasn’t a hindrance to her camp experience. I’m SO THANKFUL for her!

Here are some pictures that Kathy took, so you can see a glimpse of Grace’s experience!

Lake Ann 1

Lake Ann 2

Lake Ann 3

Lake Ann 4

Lake Ann 5

Lake Ann 6

Lake Ann 7

Lake Ann 8

Lake Ann 9

Lake Ann 10

Lake Ann 11

Lake Ann 12

Lake Ann 13

Lake Ann 14

Lake Ann 15

Lake Ann 16

Lake Ann 17

Lake Ann 18

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  1. Those are some awesome pictures, and an awesome story ‘in her own words’. Thanks for sharing about her summer adventure, and we look forward to having your happy camper return for many summers to come!

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