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I Am No Superwoman

People sometimes say to me a variation of this: “I don’t know how you homeschool four kiddos so close in age. I could never do it. You are amazing.”

And I think to myself, “If only you were a fly on my wall. You would never, ever say that.”

Because, friends, I am far from amazing.

I’m a dirty, rotten sinner…And I say that in all honesty. If it wasn’t for Jesus…

Oh, if it wasn’t for Jesus.

The ONLY good I do is because of Him. It’s His righteousness showing through me.

So, if you ever read this blog, and think, “How does she do it?”, I’ll tell you the answer…I don’t.

He does.

I shout at my kids.

He gives me forgiveness.

I focus on the wrong things.

He helps me see the precious people and things in my world.

I neglect my chores.

He makes me clean.

I feel like quitting.

He gives me strength to go on.

It’s ALL about HIM, dear friends. If you don’t know Him, please take the time to make your life right with Him. He is my only saving grace. My reason for living. My hope and my glory.

I am no superwoman. But I do serve the most amazing God.


  1. Thanks for sharing truth. We all need to hear it. I still respect you and all you do to let Jesus shine through you. 🙂

  2. I hear that! Some days I go to bed so tired and worn out I forget to stop and be thankful that He helped me through the day in the first place. I don’t like how busy we are… it’s definitely one of many ways the enemy attempts to steal our attention away from the Lord.

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