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MLB, here we come!

For his 7th birthday this year, we gave Caleb the gift of baseball. We signed him up for coach-pitch baseball at the local YMCA, and he was stoked.


His team was called the Green Goblins. He got to play with his friend Caleb from church. (Poor coaches, trying to remember which one was Caleb R and which one was Caleb S!) 🙂


He improved a lot over the course of the six week season. His favorite position was 1st base, because he got to get people out. 🙂 He actually got to play 1st base quite a bit, which was fun for him. They did move the boys all over the field to try different positions, though, including catcher.


He was happy to have people come watch his games – Miss Shannon and Mr Jerry, the Perrys (minus Pastor Craig)…and the Longest Distance Traveled Award goes to Mom Rumley, Zach, and Elyse! They came to one of his games, ate dinner with us, and drove back to Chicago! Whew!


Here he is at the end of the season, with Caleb S:

As much as I tried to get a video of him batting, I always missed the good ones. So I’ll leave you with a video of him running to first base just after he hit the ball.


  1. Loved watching Caleb play baseball. Loved even more getting together with family. Too bad you live so far away…!

  2. It was pretty fun going to the game, Caleb did awesome. (:
    Also, that is a pretty awesome picture of Jaden… Your kids are so photogenic, it isn’t fair. 😛

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