I love homeschooling.

Don’t get me wrong. Some days it’s grueling, hard work to push through and finish what needs to be done. It’s difficult to focus when I have dishes and laundry to do, on top of teaching history, science, math, English, etc, etc.

But the light bulb moments, when our kids really understand what they’ve been studying, are priceless.

The time we can spend snuggling by the fire, reading a good book, is priceless.

The fact that I can teach my kiddos to cook, because they’re around for all three meals each day…priceless.

Homeschooling is great. And a major part of the reason we do it is to maximize the time we have with our children to influence them for good, to help them understand God’s plan for life.

But we do not do “Bible” as a part of our schooling, and I think it’s an important distinction to make.

We read the Bible every day as a family. At the end of this year, Grace and Caleb will have read/heard the entire Bible at least once. That’s so exciting to me. I didn’t get the full “big picture” of Scripture until I was in my 20’s. Our kids will be way ahead of that!

We talk a lot about the world with a Christ-centered perspective. So, that means that when we’re learning about a historical figure, we can talk about whether his actions were pleasing to God or not. Or why the world considers that figure a hero, when in reality he was completely missing the mark by not possessing any godly wisdom.

But we do not have a time during our school day for “Bible,” and that is because the Bible is not just a school subject. I want my kids to know that during the summer, during winter break, after graduation from high school and college, the Bible is STILL going to be their guidebook for life, every day.The Bible is a whole lot MORE than just a school subject. It is the basis for EVERY school subject, the foundation by which we evaluate EVERYTHING we learn.

It’s extremely important for our kiddos to know what’s in the Bible, which is why we read it together. But I also think it’s very important for our kids to have their daddy be a part of those discussions, which is why we do it as a family, together. Luke is the spiritual leader of our home, and he’s teaching our boys to rise up and be the men God created them to be, and giving our girls a great example of what a godly husband looks like.

Hopefully, as the years pass and our kids mature, our family studies of the Scriptures will go much deeper. I envision great theological discussions one day with these kiddos, who already ask some pretty great questions.

So you see, “Bible” is not a school subject at the Rumley ranch. It’s the MAIN subject. 🙂