Just south of Thessaloniki, Greece lies an area of land with three peninsulas extending into the sea. These three fingers are an area called Halkidiki, and way back in 2010, Luke and I were privileged to visit the westernmost finger, called Kassandra. It was a beautiful, albeit economically struggling, area.

Mt. Olympus was on the horizon. The sea was beautiful. Olive tree orchards lined the roads. Homes with red terracotta roofs dotted the landscape.

And it is in this area that a part of Davis Bunn’s novel The Patmos Deception is set.

Of course, you can tell by the title that the book is mostly centered around the island called Patmos, far south of those three finger peninsulas. Patmos just happens to be the island where the disciple John was exiled…the place in which he wrote the book of Revelation. This becomes an important detail in the story.

The main characters are an American woman named Carey who’s working toward a doctorate in forensic archeology, an American investigatory journalist named Nick who is a childhood friend of Carey, and a Greek boatman named Dimitri who is struggling to make ends meet in a deteriorating economy.

Nick is hired to investigate the disappearance of some of Greece’s most precious antiquities, and he asks Carey to help him. Dimitri falls into the story on the other side of the line, when he agrees to use his boat to smuggle goods in exchange for a great amount of money.

I like a good mystery, and besides his masterful storytelling, Bunn is able to weave in the power of the Gospel. The plot kept me reading, with bits of Biblical history woven throughout. And the character development was excellent as well.

My only complaint? While the author wrapped up the mystery portion of the novel well, he left the relationships unresolved, which makes me wonder if he has a sequel up his sleeve?

Well done, Mr. Bunn. I always appreciate a God-honoring novel with enough intrigue to keep me reading!

Disclosure: I was provided a copy of this book by Bethany House Publishers, in exchange for a review. There was and will be no compensation. All opinions are my own.