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Luke and I celebrated our 10th anniversary in December. I know people say it all the time, but seriously, it goes by SO FAST.

Wasn’t it just yesterday that it was the night before our wedding and I was painting my toe nails that beautiful dark red and crying because no matter where I looked, I couldn’t find my undergarments for the next day?

And now I’m here, sitting in my warm house at my Steelcase desk (12 years of hubby working at Steelcase will do that to your office), while one son plays Legos, the other colors sweetly at the table, and two daughters are lying on the couches reading books.

It might sound blase to you, but to me…this is the stuff I always wished for. God has fulfilled my dreams!

And at the top of the list of fulfilled dreams is a godly man to lead our family.

That Godly Man and I were able to celebrate our decade together by flying off to Mexico, sans children. (Thanks, Mom and Dad Liabenow, for taking care of them for us!)

It was a beautiful, relaxing week.


We stayed at the Ocean Maya Royale in Playa del Carmen. Isn’t it beautiful?

Actually, when we first arrived, we sat down in this beautiful little area, and after enjoying it for about 15 minutes, we were very nicely told that it was for Privileged guests only. Hahahaheeheeheehohoho. Not sure why it makes me giggle, but at least we enjoyed it for a few minutes before we were kicked out to the peasants’ beach.

Thankfully, the peasants’ beach was still beautiful and had those canopy beds and chairs. But it was much more crowded, difficult to find a spot to land, and didn’t come with a waitress to serve us our favorite beverages. Eh, you get what you pay for, I guess!

So, speaking of beverages, Luke and I are not drinkers. And all-inclusive resorts tend to be popular with the drinking crowd, since there’s free-flowing alcohol.

BUT this resort had a GREAT alternative for us: a smoothie bar. Mmmmmmmmm. They had various fruits and veggies, and we could either choose a recipe from their list or tell them which fruits/veggies to put in. Our favorite ended up being the Conga – orange, pineapple, apple, watermelon, papaya, and strawberry.



One of my favorite parts of the trip besides the oh-so-tasty Conga was the water sports. We swam in the pools and ocean, of course, but even more enjoyable was the kayaking.


We also tried snorkeling near the hotel, but the ocean had been too stirred up that week by weather changes. So, we paid a fee to be taken on a boat out to a coral reef for some snorkeling. It was worth the money, definitely a highlight of the trip.



We spent three nights at this hotel, and then we were given the opportunity to transfer to the Ocean chain’s “newest hotel” in Puerto Morales. We took them up on it, and found out that what they meant was “most newly acquired hotel.” It was NOT new by any stretch of the imagination. But for the most part it was still nice(ish) – just much different in layout and feel of the resort.

The water was too choppy for kayaking at this resort, but were still able to play tennis, which we had done a couple times at the first one. We pretty much stink at it, but it was fun to play together.


We also enjoyed a romantic dinner by the pool in honor of our anniversary.


And the last morning we were there, before we had to head to the airport, we were able to have breakfast delivered to our room, and we ate overlooking a beautiful ocean scene.


In all, it was a very refreshing, relaxing trip. It was good for us to break away from the demands of every day to just relax together, have fun together, and spend some time focusing on our relationship. I sure am thankful that God gave me this man, and I’m looking forward to the next 10 years together…and the vacation that will follow! 😉