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I’ve started and stopped so many blog posts in the last months, both in my head and in type.

I won’t call it writer’s block. But there are reasons I can’t seem to have a consistent presence here.

#1: Too much noise

I’m an introvert. I’m not really shy, and I love people. But at the end of the day, I need some quiet alone time to rejuvinate.

I’m also a homeschooling mom of four young children. Four active children. At times, loud children.

Doing math with Jaden by the fire

Doing math with Jaden by the fire

There are so many things I adore about homeschooling (seeing the lightbulb go on when they grasp a concept, learning about things together that I didn’t retain from my schooling, spending lots and lots of quality time together, teaching every subject with a worldview that begins with Jesus Christ, etc, etc). But the flip side of spending lots and lots of quality time together is that WE SPEND LOTS AND LOTS OF QUALITY TIME TOGETHER!!!

This means, that while my stay-at-home mom friends with kids in school have a few moments of quiet between school drop-off and school pick-up, I don’t.

It’s totally worth it. But my days aren’t quiet.

And I have a hard time writing when there is too much noise in my life. That’s the biggest reason.

#2: Silence looks wise

“Even a fool who keeps silent is considered wise; when he closes his lips, he is deemed intelligent.” Proverbs 17:28

I’m learning the discipline of shutting my mouth. Ask my darling husband and he could attest – I’m too opinionated at times. It’s taken me a long time to come to the conclusion that it often is truly better to be silent, even if I’m sure my opinion is right.

Don’t get me wrong. when I speak (or type), I want to only tell the truth. But I need to choose humility over making sure everyone hears me.

So, in practicing the discipline of holding my tongue, I’ve had a bit of a hard time knowing what to say on this piece of forever-archived internet. And so I’ve chosen to say very little.

#3: Prioritizing the urgent

If I was a more early-to-bed, early-to-rise, disciplined person, maybe this wouldn’t be an issue for me. But in this stage of life, with four school-aged, homeschooled children, and a very fun, attractive husband…I have many other things to do than composing blog posts. As I sit here now, the entire house needs to have a quick pick-up, the laundry needs some attention, our shower needs to be scrubbed, and I don’t even want to talk about how long it’s been since I dusted. Not to mention that I love DIY projects (crafts / sewing), and have a long to-do list for Christmas gifts.

The state of our school / sewing room last week

The state of our school / sewing room last week

I can’t seem to keep up with household chores and grocery shopping.

I most certainly can’t keep up with blogging.

However, I don’t want the blog to die.

We’ve been studying the life of Moses at Bible Study Fellowship this year, and our group has talked often about remembering what God has done in our lives. I am such a forgetful person in many ways. I need to write things down, or I certainly won’t remember them later.

May our lives be a testimony to God’s goodness and grace. May even my silence glorify Him, and when I open my mouth, may it bring Him praise!

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