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I still remember the first time I saw you. You didn’t know I was out in the audience at your improv comedy show. But I was there, a brand new freshman at college, still 17 years old. I thought you were really cute. And you made me laugh. I loved that.


As we got to know each other that year, I told my mom and dad little snippets about you. I called you “Cute Luke” when I was talking to my parents.

“Yeah, I’m going to marry Cute Luke someday,” I said once, jokingly.


If I didn’t believe in the sovereignty of our great God, I would say that I got really lucky when you asked me to date you…and later, to marry you.

I know there are other girls out there that thought they were marrying quality Christian guys, only to later discover they married creeps. But not me. I thought I was marrying a pretty great Christian guy, only to later discover I married a really, really, really amazing and wonderful Christian man.

We weren’t much older than kids when we started dating. But despite our young ages, you had character – a strong work ethic, a desire to serve in the church, goals for your life…And you loved Jesus, with your whole heart.


As we’ve grown older and more mature, you’ve been sanctified and refined. You’ve allowed difficult circumstances in life to draw you closer to Jesus and make you more like Him.

You still make me laugh with your silliness and antics and ridiculousness…and yet at the end of the day, you treat me like something precious.

I don’t deserve you.

But I promise to love you. Every day. No matter what. Just like I promised 12 years ago.


Happy anniversary, Love.

(These beautiful images were taken by our dear friends at DaveTree Photography.)

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  1. Thank you for sharing your special story on Facebook. It is a pleasure to watch your family & you 2 as a couple. Keep up the encouragrment you bless us with! The Knapps

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