Our family and friends gathered in the courtroom for our second adoption finalization hearing

Our lives have been forever changed by adoption.

We were going along our merry way, happy and busy with 4 biological children. I was thrilled to be done with diapers and potty training. I was content to be done birthing children. We dearly loved the ones we already had, and our family was complete.

Until it wasn’t.

God used the study of the life of Moses in my first year at BSF to open my heart to His plans for my life. I didn’t know what He was calling me to, but I wanted to be willing to do whatever He wanted. {You can read more about my wrestling here.}

And in the midst of that wrestling, a sweet baby boy was born. He was brought home at 2 days old as a foster son to the home of my dear friend Dana. As soon as I saw a picture of his tiny self, there was a whisper in my heart, “That is your son.”

Did I mention that I was done with diapers?!

I argued with God and prayed constantly and couldn’t get that baby off my mind. I knew my husband would not be on board with this wild new venture, and I felt like a crazy person.

But we were surrounded by friends who had jumped into orphan care. And I saw Baby Boy multiple times every week at church. And I cried and cried and prayed and prayed. And my dear, sweet husband (who didn’t get that same whisper that I did) agreed to pray and meet with a friend who had taken a similar leap of faith into adoption.

Luke didn’t want to do it. But he agreed to follow God in faith, taking one step at a time toward what He was putting before us, and trusting Him to see us through whatever path He chose for us.

So our journey began, with lots of classes and paperwork and home visits so that we could be licensed for foster care. On June 10, 2015 that beautiful baby boy came home to stay.

We fostered him until parents’ rights were terminated and we could apply to adopt.

We were just one month from adoption finalization when I got a call from our licensor that rocked our world yet again. Bio Mom had given birth the day before to a sweet baby girl. We didn’t even know that Mom had been pregnant.

“We need to know today if you want to take her.”

“Okay, let me call my husband.”

Trust me, that’s a crazy conversation to have with your husband. And 24 hours of whirlwind followed after we took that second leap of faith.

We picked up that precious, tiny bundle from the hospital and brought her home to meet her biological brother and four older siblings. And she has been with us ever since.

Both babies’ adoptions are final. They’re ours forever. And I can’t stop tears from coming when I think of the amazing blessing they are to our family.

God gave us this astounding gift of these children – admist the brokenness and pain they were born into – and has used it to show us how we became a part of His forever family. We’re born into a world of pain and brokenness, and He takes us – regardless of our own merit – to be His children forever. He’s the best daddy.


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