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Lacey found a sweet monarch caterpillar on our walk. A good experiment for homeschool to watch him/her develop.

Qdoba for 6 for $3.37


Yummy. Hooray for summer reading programs!



The kids like to pretend it’s winter in the basement. Can’t explain the glasses.

Happy Mother’s Day!

We love you, mommy / Lacey! You are the best mommy in the world. Thank you for all the sacrifices you make for the sake of the family.

Grace says: You are awesome with the food. You read us the Bible very good.

Caleb says: mbtxcyhguyrczqtnugf6jiyhgb (my favorite letters).

Ava says: I love you. I want to give you a treat.

Jaden says: the same as Caleb, and that he loves you.

Emily moving to Mary Free Bed!

We think this is exciting progress for Emily, but it sounds like she is bummed about how she is progressing. She should be moved to Mary Free Bed by now.

The latest from Dan:

We are packed up and waiting for transport to take us to Mary Free Bed.

Emily had a rough night last night with a high amount of pain as well as little sleep, due to the pain. She’s taking a nap now but the transport will be here 22 minutes ago, so she isn’t going to get enough of a nap in.

She is feeling defeated. She is having a difficult time dealing with things. Hopefully the change of scenery will be a blessing in that she won’t feel like we’re going nowhere. Please pray that she stays strong, motivated, and upbeat. Three things that have always come naturally for her.

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