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Visit from Some Mantonites

Last weekend, we were excited to have a visit from Melissa, Karl, Karl IV, Emma, and Alonna. Alonna was the only one of the bunch who’d seen our new house, so the rest of the gang came down to check it out and just hang out for the weekend.

Here are some pictures from our adventures…

Six sweet kiddos with ice cream sandwiches

This sculpture at Frederik Meijer Gardens is called “Mad Mom”…It wasn’t hard for us to imitate. 🙂

Our kids and their cousins under the trellis


The happy couple – married 10 years this June

Emma Jean splashing in the water

Look what Uncle Karl found!

Racing down a big hill

Thanks for a fun weekend, family! We love you!

Catch the Creeper

On a recent trip to Meijer Gardens

I had a funny feeling…

like someone was watching…



Can you catch the creeper in each photo?

Alonna’s Graduation

At the beginning of June, my baby sister Alonna graduated as salutatorian of her high school. The kids and I were happy to be able to witness her graduation on Sunday, June 5, and then we stayed the whole week at my parents’ house until her graduation open house on Friday, June 10. Luke joined us on Thursday evening. Much fun was had by all! 🙂

Here she is in the crowd of graduates!

And here she is giving her salutatory speech…

And with her friends afterward…

We all had fun at Grandma and Papa’s house for the week – playing, visiting, swimming in the pool and at the beach, etc, etc…

Okay, let’s be honest. The kids had fun at the beach, as these pictures were being taken. And then, things went south. We tried to have lunch on our blanket on the sand. The kids tromped all over the blanket in their sandy feet. Ava didn’t want to eat her sandwich, so she dropped it in the sand. The kids complained about their food. Luke called, and as I was trying to talk to him, Jaden was touching a dead fish on the shore. I lost my temper. It was an epic FAIL.

So, back to the happy part of the story… 🙂

We also spent time that week getting ready for the open house, which was a success!

Getting balloons and ice for the party…

Table decorations…

Our gift…

Alonna and her best friends (L to R: Justin, Alonna, Jennifer)…

My mom, her mom (my grandma), and her sister (my aunt Margie)…

My dad and me…

Jaden and Papa…

Luke being a servant in the kitchen, while I spent all my time gabbing with party guests…

I took lots more pictures of the party…on Melissa’s camera. Oops! 🙂 Suffice it to say, we had a great time.

Alonna plans to attend Grand Valley State University this fall, majoring in elementary ed and living in the honors dorms. We’re proud of you, little sister!

Grandma and Papa’s House

While Luke was enjoying a men’s retreat at Lake Ann Camp, the kids and I took a trip up north to my parents’ house. We had a great time visiting with my mom and dad (Grandma and Papa), my sisters (Melissa and Alonna), and my nephew and niece (Karl and Emma).

Jaden just loves playing with Papa. In fact, on the way to their house, Jaden kept saying that Papa is “cute.” So I told my dad that I figured out why Jaden likes playing with him so much…It’s because Papa is cute and naughty just like Jaden is! 🙂 No, really, I’m so thankful for my dad!

At Karl and Emma’s t-ball game…Emma was cracking us up when she played 1st base. She thought she had to stand on the base while she threw the ball back to the catcher…A lot of little runners just had to duck out of her way, haha.

Karl on 1st. He did a great job!

Sweet Ava snuggled on my lap at the game. I had dressed us all as if it was summer, and it definitely wasn’t! We were all freezing! Thankfully my ever-prepared and responsible sister had blankets that we used to stay alive.

Jaden and Papa playing on the floor. 🙂

I anticipate having many more pictures to share in June, as we celebrate my baby sister Alonna’s high school graduation and subsequent open house! I’m excited to celebrate with her and just spend some more time with my family!

Happy {belated} 16th birthday, Alonna!

Yesterday (November 11) my baby sister turned 16!

When I was 16, she was almost 5. Now that she’s 16, my daughter is almost 5! Wow, that makes me feel old!

On Tuesday, the kids and I made the trek up north to my parents’ house. I left the kids (minus baby J) with my parents, and Jaden and I went to Alonna’s school to surprise her and take her out to lunch.

As I drove to my alma mater, I was fully prepared to not know anyone in the building. I know much of the staff has changed since I graduated in 2000.

The first person I saw was my Uncle Dan. (Duh! He works there as a high school special eduction teacher.) The next person I saw was one of Alonna’s good friends. I also got to visit my favorite high school math teacher – Mrs. Hiller! It was fun to catch up with her after all these years away.

Anyway, back to ALONNA, the actual reason for this post!

Alonna was happily shocked, which is definitely the reaction Jaden and I were hoping for. We whisked her away to KFC in Cadillac, where Melissa met us for a sisters’ lunch. How fun! I could definitely do that more often. It was relaxing and fun to be able to catch up (and to celebrate Alonna, of course!).

Alonna, if your oh-so-slow dial-up Internet allows you to read this, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We love you and are proud of the young lady you’ve become! Always follow after Jesus with your whole heart!

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