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Another Sewing Project

Last spring, I posted about my friend Amber’s awesome sewing skills that she’s passing along to me.

Early this summer, my sweet, amazing hubby allowed me to buy a sewing machine and accessories from someone on Craigslist. Since then, I’ve been having fun doing some basic projects.

I learned how to make the crayon roll, with a little added monogram on the outside for fun. Here’s a crayon roll tutorial if you want to try it yourself. And here’s a peek at the latest one I completed. (Ahem, Melissa, if you read this…don’t show this to Emma. She’s getting one exactly like it for her birthday. Except with an “E,” not an “M.”)

If you’d like to learn more about how to applique, I found this tutorial really helpful. It was actually pretty simple and fun to make these shirts for our good friends the Dows, who just had twin girls (and now have four girls altogether, with names all starting with the letter “M” – which you probably could have figured out on your own). Sorry if you already saw these pictures a while ago on Facebook.

I also made a cute little hair accessory to go with the shirt for M #1’s birthday, but alas, totally forgot to take a picture. Maybe I’ll snap one if I ever see her wearing it.

Anywho, this is my fun, new hobby that I have almost no time for, but love anyway. If you sew and have any fun ideas for me, please share!

Garage sales + six kids = craziness

You might remember that my friend Amber and I spend most Fridays together. Our kids play, we have lunch, we visit, we study a book about marriage, we talk about God’s Word…It’s a fun, fruitful time.

Well, on one of our Fridays, we spent the morning visiting garage sales together. It was quite a feat – buckling six kiddos (ALL in carseats/boosters) into her Suburban! Here’s a picture of all of the little troupers…

We shopped the sales. We got some cheap/free stuff. We had a blast.

I was just excited that we all survived. 🙂

One last picture of the kids, when we stopped to let them play for a few minutes…

We are so blessed!

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