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Caleb and Ava’s Scripture Memory

We are blessed to have a teacher at our church named Miss Shirley, who is very committed to helping our kiddos memorize Scripture. I posted a video of Caleb reciting Psalm 23 last August. Ava joined his Sunday School class in the fall, and they recently recited Matthew 6:1-18 in front of the church.

All of this is by memory. They’re not reading a poster. They’re just reciting what they’ve already committed to memory.

I’m so thankful that my kiddos are hiding God’s Word in their hearts…and even more exciting is that they already apply what they’ve memorized to situations in everyday life! That makes a mama’s heart happy!

So, here’s the video of our FHBC 1st and 2nd graders reciting Matthew 6:1-18…

I hope it’s a blessing to you!

Happy 6th birthday, Ava Joy!


Dear Ava,

You counted down the days until your sixth birthday, and now it’s already 22 days later, and you’re counting down the days until Christmas. You are the kind of kiddo that grabs life and lives it fully. You are wonderful.

As I sit back and watch you, I realize that my baby girl is becoming a young lady. Your baby features are leaving, and you are growing up. You are reading short books now, and you are SO helpful around the house. You love to put away clean dishes, and you especially love making muffins all by yourself!

You also still love to laugh, and that makes my heart smile. Just yesterday, you were following Daddy around as he got ready for work, mimicking his every move and giggling constantly. You love to do little pesky things just to get a laugh.


I love it when you play with my hair – sometimes brushing it, sometimes putting pretties in it, sometimes making ponytails – while Daddy reads to us at night. That is so special to me.

You’ve recently started asking a lot of questions during our Bible reading time, and that’s really fun. We want you to have a love for God’s Word and a desire to understand it. I pray that you will always love His Scriptures.


Our greatest desire for you, sweet girl, is that you will be fully satisfied in Jesus and always find your source of JOY in Him. We want you to live the life that He has planned for you. And it’s exciting to watch you grow into a young lady who loves Him!

I love you more than you’ll ever know! Happy (belated) birthday!!!


{Awesome pictures taken by our dear friends at DaveTree Photography.}

Ava’s 5th Birthday: The Princess Party

Princess parties are fun to throw. So much PINK. So much SPARKLE. So PRETTY.

We just invited a few (well, six) of Ava’s friends over for a few hours. Five girls and one boy who played along very nicely. 🙂

Besides having a little photo booth, the kids dug for buried treasure in a treasure box.

And they decorated their own heart-shaped pizzas for dinner.

Even the inside of the cake was girly.

It was fun to pamper our little sweetheart for the day. I’m thankful for her little friends who made her feel so special!

Ava’s 5th Birthday: The Actual Day

Our little girl turned 5 about a month ago. I still can’t believe how tall and grown up she’s looking these days.

On the actual day of her birth, she requested heart-shaped scones for breakfast, just like those we had on Valentine’s Day.

For dinner, she requested BLUE chicken and rice (that is, chicken and rice casserole with blue food coloring), green beans, and dinner rolls.

There she is with her red plate and chosen dinner foods. Sorry for the blur. If you squint a lot, it’s not so bad. 😉

Did you notice that she dressed up for the day?

Yes, our little girly girl LOVES to dress up. In that picture, she was opening gifts.

She had been begging us for a while to be able to get her little ears pierced…And here she is after Grace read our card to her, which said, “Let’s go get your ears pierced now!”

She was SO excited.

And she was SO brave during the piercing. She didn’t cry at all.

See her little pink sparkly earrings?

Our baby girl is growing up.

Happy 5th Birthday, Ava Joy!

My sweet Ava,

In a way, I can’t believe it has already been five years since we were blessed with you. It seems like you’ve always been a part of our family. And I can’t imagine what our family would be like without your sweet, uncontrolled giggle and your silliness and your girly-ness.

Your first name means “sings like a bird,” and your giggle is sweet music to my ears.

Speaking of ears, you begged and begged to get your ears pierced, so that was our gift to you this year. You sat very still and didn’t cry at all when they were pierced. You’ve also been very diligent to remind me to clean them three times each day. I guess our little girl is really growing up!

Another way I can tell you’re growing up is that you’re in kindergarten this year…and you’re doing great! You LOVE to work on your math lessons with me, and you’re eager to learn to read. I can’t wait until you’re reading chapter books all on your own; I know you’ll love it!

Most of all, as you grow and mature, our hope and prayer is that you will learn to love Jesus with all of your heart, that you will give your life to Him, and that you will do your best to always obey Him. That’s what will give you a satisfied, purposeful life. That’s our greatest prayer for you, sweet girl.

Happy 5th birthday, Ava Joy! I love you to the moon and back!


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