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Cute Little Monsters

Jaden turned 5 way back in May, and in honor of that great event, we threw a friend party!

I told Luke that I would not go all Pinterest crazy with this party, since we had other things on our plate, too. (Luke was gone on a business trip the whole week leading up to the party, and I was in the throes of writing our Base Camp curriculum.) But when I started making little monsters, it was just SO FUN! It was hard to stop! 🙂

I spent part of that week up north at my parents’ house, so my little sis Alonna helped dream up the monsters’ faces on the treat bags and plushies…especially the eyebrows and mouths. They’re so cute, they make me squeal!



Then my awesome friend Amber drew the chalkboard sign for the front porch. She is totally hired for all of my kids’ future parties.


It takes a village, friends.

The photos will speak louder than my words, so I will stop talking and start uploading…


The "Make a funny monster face!" station

The “Make a funny monster face!” station

The boys with their funny monster faces

The boys with their funny monster faces

The "Draw a monster!" station

The “Draw a monster!” station

You guessed it - the "Decorate a monster cookie!" station, with sugar cookies, frosting, eyes, lips, etc.

You guessed it – the “Decorate a monster cookie!” station, with sugar cookies, frosting, eyes, lips, etc.

D with his monster cookie

D with his monster cookie


The "Adopt a Monster" station, with monster plushies that I created with felt

The “Adopt a Monster” station, with monster plushies that I created with felt


Alonna gets the credit for the awesome hair on this guy.

Alonna gets the credit for the awesome hair on this guy.

Party balloons!

Party balloons!

Monstrous fruit!

Monstrous fruit!

Monster eyes (i.e. chocolate-covered marshmallows)

Monster eyes (i.e. chocolate-covered marshmallows)

Monster cake!

Monster cake!

The Birthday Boy!

The Birthday Boy!

Outdoor games made the day complete!

Outdoor games made the day complete!

We are thankful for our 5-year-old boy, who makes us laugh often. He’s a delightful part of our family.

Can you tell?

Happy birthday, Lil' Mario!

Happy birthday, Lil’ Mario!

Caleb’s Birthday Celebration

My parents were able to come visit on March 30, a couple of days before Caleb’s 6th birthday. Caleb was excited to have Grandma and Papa involved in the celebrating!

I already mentioned in his birthday letter that most of his gifts were baseball related. And so was his cake! He wanted a “baseball field” cake…and this is what we came up with. If I was braver, I might try fondant someday (since it looks so cool), but alas, I’m not.

I also mentioned in that post that his major gift from us was an opportunity to see a Tigers game. I’m so excited for Caleb and Luke to go this coming Saturday to the Home Plate Event at Comerica Park.

I started a new tradition this year: 20 Questions. I will ask the kiddos the same 20 questions each year on their birthdays, and keep the answers all together just for fun memories.

Here are Caleb’s 20 questions and answers from his sixth birthday…
My favorite food is: what I’m having right now (birthday dinner)
My favorite sport to play is: baseball
The coolest person on Earth is: God
My favorite movie to watch is: Milltown Pride
My favorite thing to learn about in school is: math worksheets
If I could go anywhere in the world, I’d go to: Heaven
My favorite color is: blue
When I grow up, I’m going to: again, be a baseball player
Three words that describe me are: Caleb Aaron Rumley
When I was little, I used to: whine like a baby; ask for treats
My favorite season of the year is: summer, ’cause it’s so warm
The snack I like the best is: [Kraft Handi-snacks] sticks and cheese
My favorite thing about church is: that you learn more and more stuff, and it feels like it gets cooler and cooler
My favorite Scripture verse is: “Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved.” Acts 16:31
My favorite song is: Praise Him, Praise Him
One of my best friends is: Karisa
My favorite thing to do outside is: ride my bike down to the rock; pet the doggies
If I had one wish it would be: to have a dog
My best memory is: a long, long time ago, Jaden’s first word was “Bible”
My birthday dinner this year is: sausage pizza, Doritos, yogurt, juice boxes, OJ, blueberry juice, and a baseball cake

Happy 6th Birthday, Caleb Aaron!

Dear Caleb,

Has it really been SIX years since you entered our lives?

I will always remember feeling huge as a whale, 8 days past my due date, and going swimming at a Sunday School class party. I was the only woman who swam, and I weighed a million pounds. But the happy news is, I woke up in the middle of the night with contractions, and 5 hours later, you were born!

We called you our “man cub,” and couldn’t have been happier to have a little boy in our lives.

You haven’t disappointed us!

You are so much like your daddy and Uncle Zach. You are a hard worker, and very diligent at making sure you do things correctly. When you start something, you do it carefully and well until it’s finished. (Or you freak out and start over. That happens sometimes, too.) 🙂 That’s why your handwriting is beautiful, and learning to read has gone so well. That’s also probably why you were my easiest child to potty train so far (a few years ago, of course)!

Right now you LOVE baseball. Your birthday presents were almost all baseball-related. I’m super excited for you to go to your very first major league baseball game this month with your daddy. Daddy went with Grandpa Rumley when he was a kid, and now you get to continue the tradition with your daddy. I know you’ll have a really fun time. (Go Tigers!)

Most of all, I love your tender heart for God and His Word. You do a great job at memorizing Scripture…but more than that, you often apply Scripture you’ve learned to real life. That thrills my heart, dear son!

As you grow older, Daddy and I still pray that you will be a boy who is WHOLEHEARTEDLY devoted to God, just like your namesake – the Caleb of the Bible.

We love you, Buddy. Happy birthday!


Happy birthday, Dad/Grandpa Rumley!


Before my dad’s accident, he wasn’t very open with his feelings or expressive with his love for us girls. So, you were the first dad I had who wasn’t afraid to hug his kids and tell them he loves them every chance he got. The first dad I had who wasn’t afraid to shed a tear. Thank you for that. It means more than I can say.

Thanks, too, for raising a son who loves Jesus with all of his heart (and five of his siblings, too). My life is so full of joy because of the work and prayers you and Mom poured into his life.

We love you very much! Happy birthday!


Happy 1st birthday…

To my youngest, my sweet Jaden,

Today is your FIRST birthday! It was one year ago today that you graced the world, and especially our family, with your presence. TWELVE days late, I might add. I pray that that doesn’t mean you’ve inherited your extended families’ propensity for lateness. I do think it means that you do things when you feel like it. Typical youngest child attitude there.

If I had to choose one word to describe you, it would be DELIGHTFUL. This past year with you has truly been full of joy and delight. You are just wonderful – such a sweet disposition. You are our only baby who has given so many hugs and snuggles. And you love to smile, wave, clap, and talk.

You are such a smart boy, too. You are already copying words we say. Just tonight at dinnertime, we asked Ava to say “purple,” and YOU piped up, “Purple!” My little genious!

You are toddling around everywhere. Since we had to put you on formula earlier on, you have been our sturdiest baby, with the cutest little (or should I say big?) thighs! This gives you an advantage with walking. You don’t fall over as easily, and when you do, it’s no big deal! I love watching you toddle around the house. And Ava is still saying, “Jaden’s walking!” all the time, even though she’s been saying it for about a month! Silly sister!

Maybe it’s because you’re our youngest, and our last (unless God has a different plan in mind – if we’ve learned anything it’s that He’s ultimately in charge!), but I’m enjoying every moment with you. I thank God that He blessed our family with you. You give us so many moments of joy, so many opportunities to smile, so many giggles.

I pray that your joy will always be found in Jesus, and that you will always work to make others smile.

I love you, Jaden.


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