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Cute Little Monsters

Jaden turned 5 way back in May, and in honor of that great event, we threw a friend party!

I told Luke that I would not go all Pinterest crazy with this party, since we had other things on our plate, too. (Luke was gone on a business trip the whole week leading up to the party, and I was in the throes of writing our Base Camp curriculum.) But when I started making little monsters, it was just SO FUN! It was hard to stop! 🙂

I spent part of that week up north at my parents’ house, so my little sis Alonna helped dream up the monsters’ faces on the treat bags and plushies…especially the eyebrows and mouths. They’re so cute, they make me squeal!



Then my awesome friend Amber drew the chalkboard sign for the front porch. She is totally hired for all of my kids’ future parties.


It takes a village, friends.

The photos will speak louder than my words, so I will stop talking and start uploading…


The "Make a funny monster face!" station

The “Make a funny monster face!” station

The boys with their funny monster faces

The boys with their funny monster faces

The "Draw a monster!" station

The “Draw a monster!” station

You guessed it - the "Decorate a monster cookie!" station, with sugar cookies, frosting, eyes, lips, etc.

You guessed it – the “Decorate a monster cookie!” station, with sugar cookies, frosting, eyes, lips, etc.

D with his monster cookie

D with his monster cookie


The "Adopt a Monster" station, with monster plushies that I created with felt

The “Adopt a Monster” station, with monster plushies that I created with felt


Alonna gets the credit for the awesome hair on this guy.

Alonna gets the credit for the awesome hair on this guy.

Party balloons!

Party balloons!

Monstrous fruit!

Monstrous fruit!

Monster eyes (i.e. chocolate-covered marshmallows)

Monster eyes (i.e. chocolate-covered marshmallows)

Monster cake!

Monster cake!

The Birthday Boy!

The Birthday Boy!

Outdoor games made the day complete!

Outdoor games made the day complete!

We are thankful for our 5-year-old boy, who makes us laugh often. He’s a delightful part of our family.

Can you tell?

Happy birthday, Lil' Mario!

Happy birthday, Lil’ Mario!

Adventivities: Days 21-25

Day 21: Make Christmas cards for the Perry kids, and take them to their house tonight!

It was Luke’s and my ninth anniversary, and Kathy so graciously agreed to watch our kiddos for us so that we could have a date night.

So, the kiddos made some cards to tell their friends how much they love them. And then they forgot them at home. So they didn’t actually receive the cards until Day 24 or so. 🙂

Day 22: Drive around and admire others’ Christmas lights!

God gave us some fresh snow for the viewing.

All jammied and snuggled up, we headed out.

We drove around some neighborhoods in our immediate area. We looked for white lights, colored lights, nativities, blow-up decorations, etc.

And by the time we got home, this is what we saw…

Day 23: Make snowman pizzas!

First, I whipped up a batch of my favorite homemade pizza dough and divided it into eight pieces. Then we each shaped our dough.

And we decorated the dough.

After baking, we had some very tasty snowmen.

Day 24: Unwrap and play a new game!

Caleb wrenched his neck this day, and was unable to get himself off the couch for quite a while. So the other kiddos allowed him to unwrap the game.


It was Monopoly Millionaire. We opened it up, and started to play. It’s a little bit different than the classic Monopoly.


We actually ran out of time before the kids’ bedtime, so we didn’t complete the game. I’m torn on my opinion of the game. It was a little fun…but doesn’t really reflect our financial philosophy. It is definitely NOT our aim to become millionaires…or, if we ever did become millionaires, we wouldn’t be lavishing cars, jewelry, and property on ourselves and our friends. We’d have to figure out how to use the money to further the kingdom of God and to bring Him glory…

Anyway, the kids liked the game pretty well. 🙂

Day 25: Make a birthday cake for Jesus!

This has been a tradition in our home for the last few years at least. It helps bring our focus to the real reason for our celebration.

This year, however, we had a little snafoo and weren’t able to complete this one until the 29th. Jaden hurt his arm when he fell from the top of the girls’ bunk bed ladder, and Luke took him to the ER. The rest of us were busy packing up for our trip to Grandma and Papa’s house. So, the cake was neglected until our Rumley Christmas day. But I used a new recipe, and it was still quite tasty when we got around to making it.

Jesus cake


Christ has come!

We had SO MUCH FUN with all our Adventivities this year. It was excellent to devote the whole month of December to celebrating the coming of the Christ child. I’ve already thought of a couple of new activities for next year!

As an aside, I really hope that the pictures and descriptions of our activities this month weren’t discouraging to you. I know that up until this year, it would have been quite overwhelming to me to think of doing a special activity every day for 25 days. So if your stage of life prohibits you from doing even ONE advent activity, don’t feel bad! As long as you’re telling your kiddos about Jesus’ coming, His death, and His resurrection…you’re doing great! 🙂

My baby is turning THREE!

Jaden’s third birthday is tomorrow. But we celebrated tonight, because we have a regular commitment at church on Tuesday nights.

We usually let the birthday child choose their own dinner. But Jaden doesn’t like to eat. When asked what food he likes to eat best, he answered, “Nothing.” And it’s pretty much true.

So, Luke made omelets. I made homemade bread. We had some fruit. And we had the one thing that Jaden actually asked for: chocolate cake with a tractor on top. Boy, does he love those John Deere tractors. I guess Uncle Karl has trained him well.

I love that little boy. (Ahem. Jaden, not Karl. Well, I love Karl like a brother. You know what I mean.)

Stay tuned for the annual “birthday letter.” 🙂

MOH: Joseph and the cake of many colors

In today’s Mystery of History lesson, we studied – you guessed it – Joseph! And to celebrate this VERY familiar Bible story, we baked a CAKE of many colors. 🙂

Each kiddo mixed some food coloring into 1/4 of the cake batter, and we baked separate layers.

Isn’t that cool?!

Picture courtesy of Gracie-Pie-Poo

Steelcase Party for Luke

Luke recently had the opportunity to switch departments within Steelcase, where he’s worked for more than 8 years. His old group, Global Product Data Solutions, threw him a surprise picnic to congratulate him on the move and thank him for all his work in their group.

The kids and I lured him to a park. I thought I was sneaky enough, but apparently he suspected a party. 🙂 Oh, well.

This is the cake that the department had made for him…(Some of the code is wrong, but the idea was so clever!)

And here’s Ava thoroughly enjoying her cake…

I think this is nearly the entire group of people who attended the picnic…

Thanks, GPDS, for the great send-off!

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