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For Mothers of Young Diabetics…

I want you to know that I understand the ache in your heart.

We found out Grace was diabetic just a few months after her 4th birthday. I was the one who tested her at home and discovered that her blood sugar was 576. Having a diabetic husband, I knew that that number was not good.

I think I cried all the way to the doctor’s office that day – frightened, frustrated, angry. Thinking, God, how could you allow our sweet 4-year-old to face this?! At that point in time, there was so much uncertainty. But on thing was certain – life was changing.

When you found out your young child was a Type 1 diabetic, your life changed. Those protective instincts went into overdrive, yearning to keep your child safe and healthy.

And yet, it’s really not in our control as moms, is it?

We can do our best to learn about diabetes and carbs and insulin and pumps, and every other thing that will affect their health. But ultimately, they’re in much more capable hands than our own. In a way that I cannot grasp, our God loves each of our children so much more than we ever could. And He will do what is best, even if it’s not what we would have chosen.

So, moms, don’t be afraid to grieve. Grieve for the life that you expected your child would live.

And when you’re through the grief, rejoice. Rejoice because God loves your child. Rejoice because we live in an age where our children CAN live healthy lives with diabetes. Rejoice for insulin pumps and blood glucose monitors and health professionals who care.

I understand the ache in your heart. Sometimes I get ahead of myself and worry about Grace’s future. What will life be like when she’s a young wife who wants to have babies – and diabetes will make her pregnancy trickier than most? What if she isn’t always able to control her blood sugar well – what side effects will occur? Even sillier, how cumbersome will it be to have to carry an insulin pump around with her for the rest of her life? Where will she hide it during formal events? So many things to think about as a mom, and yet…

She’s in much more capable hands than my own. My God loves her so very much.

Brain dump

I am overwhelmed.

I wouldn’t say life with four kids is necessarily any harder, but I would say it feels much busier. I feel like I’m running all day long and cannot keep up with the kids, dishes, laundry, cleaning, organizing, appointments, church, Base Camp, friends, family, cooking, etc, etc…And I fall asleep exhausted (and late) each night with good intentions rolling around in my head for the things I’d like to still get done that night…How do people do it?

I read mommy blogs a lot, and some people make life with kids look like a breeze. My life these days is more like a hurricane!

I dream of being ultra-organized, with a happy, comfortable routine. It hasn’t happened yet. And we face more changes in a month-and-a-half when my sweet girl goes off to kindergarten. *tears*

Part of me loves blogging. I have always seen writing as an outlet, and it’s fun to me to be able to express things in writing.

I think I write better than I talk sometimes.

And this past year of couponing and becoming a frugal mama has been wonderful. Amazing for our budget. Fun.

I want to share the secrets to frugality with others, hence I’m excited to do it.

And I’m a little scared about it.

If I can’t keep up with my life prior to officially becoming a mommy blogger, how will life look after the site launches?

Therefore, after a massively long post (this one), I am going to take a little hiatus. I’m considering a week-long (or longer?) Internet fast to just take the time to catch up on life and seek the Lord about my priorities and the balance (or lack of balance) in my life.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the Internet. My husband has convinced me of the wonder of technology. Yet, part of me wishes we could go back to the age of writing letters. Real letters. There’s just something special about waiting and anticipating that technology has robbed us of.

That was a rabbit trail.

Anywho, I will now share a bazillion pictures that I’ve been meaning to share for a couple of weeks. (Bazillion is just a rough estimate.)

Saturday, July 11 – We went strawberry picking. What a gorgeous day! We also got free slurpees at 7-Eleven.

Monday, July 13 – We enjoyed a wonderful visit from my best friend from childhood, Jana, and her baby, Dominik. It was so nice to catch up with her! (*Picture courtesy of Grace or Caleb.)

Can you believe I got a picture of both boys smiling?!

Tuesday, July 14 – Zach and Elyse spent the day here, since Mom and Dad R were on vacation celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. We had a really good time with Z&E, and they were very helpful! The kids all enjoyed playing with the water guns that Mom and Dad sent for them to play with.

Z&E forgot their swimsuits at Emily’s house, and they got very wet during the water gun fights. So, I threw their clothes in the dryer and gave them some of our clothes to wear. So this is Zach as “Luke” and Elyse as “Lacey.” 🙂

Wednesday, July 15 (8 years since Luke and I officially started dating!) – We met Emily, Zach, and Elyse at the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum to play, and then had a little picnic in the park nearby. Zach spent a lot of time at the table of dominoes.

Thursday, July 16 through Saturday, July 18 – My first ever garage sale. (That is, the first I’ve ever hosted. Not the first I’ve ever been to, of course.) What a LOT of work! I’m still getting the garage back in order!

The girls who live next door came and helped out with the sale and the kids. Here’s Dani with Ava. They had fun together. 🙂

The kids had fun goofing around with stuff at the garage sale. Here’s Grace wrapped in baby blankets, playing with this bird that squawks when you squeeze its beak.

And a picture of 7-week-old Jaden, just because he’s so stinking cute.

The other three are pretty stinking cute, too!

Grace had her 3-month diabetes check-up yesterday, and it went wonderfully! Good news – the test results came back, and she does NOT have Celiac Disease! Praise the Lord! Also, her A1C was even better than last time – 7.4 (goal is 7.5 – 8.5). And we signed up for the Intro to Pumping class in September, where she’ll get a practice pump to take home and try out. She decided she wants to get a pink pump, which is actually an option! It’s nice that the technology has come far enough to make them more kid-friendly.

Meijer trip yesterday – spent $14.97, saved $86.81, earned $5 OYNSO. For this week’s Meijer deals, since I’m too busy at the moment to detail them out, visit here and here.

Okay, folks, if you made it this far, GOOD JOB! Thanks for hanging in there. I will (hopefully) not have that nagging feeling in the back of my brain anymore (at least for a little while) telling me that I need to blog.

I will be back when the time is right!

ER visit

Grace has been sick since Tuesday, and I will spare you the nasty details. But it’s not been fun. Yesterday she was not getting better, and I was having a very hard time getting liquids down her (not to mention actual food). Praise the Lord, her blood sugars have been normal the whole time she’s been sick. But she’s had large ketones (not a good thing), and the way to flush those out is with hydration. That wasn’t happening.

So, anyway, after numerous phone calls with her endocrinologist and pediatrician, we decided to take her in to see the doctor. Our pediatrician’s office gave us two choices when we saw them: get Grace to drink a substantial amount of fluid, or go to the ER to have a bag of fluid given intravenously. I wasn’t convinced we could get her to drink that much, so we opted for the ER.

We must’ve gotten to the ER around 7pm, and Luke took the little ones to get some dinner while Grace and I checked in.

Why does everything have to take forever at the ER? Honestly, the move from triage to an actual room didn’t take too long. But it was everything else that was unreasonably long. We expected to be there an hour, or two at the most. But with all the dilly dallying that the doctor did, and all the tests he wanted to run, and how stinking concerned he was about her diabetes…We didn’t get home until 2:45am!

Did I mention that we had ALL THREE kids with us?

And did I mention that Grace’s endocrinologist was NOT worried about her diabetes (or her ketones in particular, which the ER doc was obsessed with)? And Grace’s pediatrician was also the one who just asked us to get a BAG OF FLUID?

Why in the world did it take 7 hours for a bag of fluid?!?!

We could tell a marked difference after the fluid went through her. It obviously helped quite a bit.

But the ER doctor didn’t want to let it go. In fact, he wanted us to stay overnight. But we insisted on coming home. We were too exhausted to be mad last night, but I am still a little irritated when I think about it. (Can you tell?) 🙂

I do appreciate a cautious doctor. However, when the patient’s regular doctors know all the facts and aren’t that concerned, then – to borrow a phrase from the 90s – take a chill pill!

Okay, I’m done ranting now.

Grace woke up this morning with normal blood sugars, and she ate breakfast (which has thus far stayed down). Her ketones are lessening. She seems much better right now. Please pray that she doesn’t get worse, but continues to improve until she’s completely healthy.

And if you could add in a little prayer that the rest of us don’t get the nasty sickness, that would be great, too!

Here’s to a happy, healthy weekend!

Week of appointments


Yesterday we had Grace’s first clinical follow-up for diabetes. It was a long appointment (around 2 hours), but it went really well. (Other than Caleb kicking the nurse practitioner – but that’s another story…)

Grace’s A1C levels…This number shows how high or low blood glucose levels have been overall for the preceding 2-3 months (like a 3-month average). The day she was diagnosed, her A1C level was 9.4, which is high, but not too bad because we caught it early. (Some kids come in with an A1C of 14 or more!) Her target range is 7.5 to 8.5, and yesterday her A1C was 7.7! Wonderful! Praise the Lord! The nurse practitioner was very pleased with her blood glucose control.

That was the good news. Now, the possible challenges…

We need to do better with rotating her injection sites. She prefers to get shots in her abdomen, and she’s already building up scar tissue there. So, we are to avoid that area for a couple of weeks or more to allow it to heal. And we need to develop a rotation to keep her tissue healthy.

Also, her bloodwork came back showing high levels of transglutaminase antibodies (yep, had to Google it), which CAN indicate that she has Celiac Disease. It’s basically a gluten intolerance that causes damage to the small intestine. It’s commonly linked to Type 1 diabetes, which is why they screened for it. Now we will have more extensive bloodwork done, and if that still indicates possible Celiac Disease, our endocrinologist will refer us to a GI (gastrointestinal) specialist for a biopsy of her small intestine. If that confirms Celiac Disease, we’ll learn how to live an entirely gluten-free life, which means no wheat, rye, or barley products. This will definitely be a big challenge for me!

I also talked to the nurse practitioner about getting Grace on an insulin pump. She said that some insurance companies make you wait six months from the time of diagnosis before paying for a pump, and we need to take their education classes (two of which we’ve already completed). But other than that, we can pursue a pump whenever we feel best. We’re signed up for the Intro to Pumping class at the very end of this month, and we’ll make a decision after that.

Besides bloodwork and the pump class, Grace shouldn’t need to see the doctor again until mid-July, so that’s great!

Unrelated to diabetes, I had my 33-week OB appointment this morning. Things are going well! Last time (at 30 weeks?), the doctor said that Jaden was still head-up, but today he is head-down! That means he’s getting ready! AHHHHH! I’m NOT ready!!! 🙂 The three big kids are all sharing a room successfully, and I’ve pretty much finished what I planned to do for decorating their room. It won’t take much for Jaden’s room to be ready for him either. I guess I just need to do a deep clean of our house, finish organizing the basement, freeze some more food for postpartum, figure out who’s going to take care of the kids during our hospital stay (and train them to give Grace’s shots), pack my hospital bag…Okay, I still have a lot to do! And yet, I know that Jaden will come eventually, whether I’m “ready” or not!

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