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These posts are the latest updates on Emily as we get them. She is currently battling AVM, a malformation of blood vessels in her brain, at Spectrum Butterworth in Grand Rapids, MI. Please keep her in prayer.

He Gives Good Gifts

It was November 14, 2009 – Grace’s fifth birthday. She had friends over for a birthday party that day when I received the call.

Luke’s sister Emily had been having very bad headaches that week. She waited for them to pass, but on Saturday morning she awoke and went to the bathroom multiple times in a row. When her husband asked her how many times she was going to go to the bathroom, she replied,” I haven’t gone to the bathroom yet.” He took her straight to the hospital.

There they discovered an arteriovenus malformation (AVM) – a malformation of blood vessels in her brain – that had ruptured. The AVM was something that had been there since birth, but she had never known.

Until it hemorrhaged.

So on December 3, 2009, at the age of 25, my dear friend and sister-in-law underwent an 18+-hour-long brain surgery. There were no promises about the outcome, only the knowledge that God had knit her together in her mother’s womb, and He always does what is right. We spent those 18 hours praying, begging God for Emily’s return to health.

He answered.

There are many details I’m leaving out, and the recovery process was long. (Read more about Emily’s story here.)

But I’m so incredibly thankful. God has not only blessed us with the gift of Emily’s life, but of the lives of her two precious sons, our nephews. If she had died that day in the hospital, not only would we all be missing Emily, but we would have never known these two precious boys (the second whom we’ll meet very soon)!

“Which of you, if your son asks for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish will give him a snake? If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask Him!” Matthew 7:9-11

Thank you to all of our friends and family who prayed Emily through her AVM ordeal. God heard our cries, and we are still so very thankful!


The latest on Emily

Emily and her sister, Elyse, (and the dog, George) this week

Many people are still asking about Emily, and I haven’t known quite what to say. So, I asked Emily to update us on her progress. Here is her email…

I have completed my first round of check-up appointments. All major activities (driving, back to work, etc.) hang on my surgeon’s approval. I just met with the surgeon this afternoon with mostly good results. I am off all medications! I have to be monitored for 1 month for seizures though. If I am seizure free after that, life returns to normal! Woohoo! I am allowed to ski, but I have to wear a helmet as a blow to my noggin’ could cause a seizure. (All this worry about seizures…) I am free to return to work, but I will have some therapy continuing so I will return on a graduated schedule. I’m hoping to be back half-time February 1 and full-time March 1. I made up those dates so it might not happen just like that, but that’s what I’m thinking right now.

Here’s the answer to prayer (or at least Dan and I are thinking it might be): My doctor is very pleased with how well the surgery and recovery has gone. He is especially impressed with my attitude throughout the process. He is getting more and more patients coming through GR for AVM treatment. Sometimes patients have a hard time dealing with the surgery, recovery and such. He wants to know if I’d be willing to talk with other AVM patients about my story to help them though. YES! Can we say “Answer to prayer?” Most of you know, but one thing Dan and I were constantly praying for throughout my hospital stay is that we can use our experience for God’s glory. It was most definitely God’s strength that got me though, not my own. I’m very excited about this potential opportunity.

Thank you for all the prayers and support!

Merry Christmas!

We celebrated Jesus’ birthday with our immediate family (Luke, me, and the kiddos) on Wednesday morning. Then on Thursday evening we celebrated Erin’s 24th birthday. (She’s Luke’s sister who lives in Florida.) And, of course, we celebrated Jesus’ birthday again today. I want to post pictures from all the fun, but for now I will just leave you with one shot of the entire Rumley family – including beautiful Emily.


Home before Christmas!

Good news! Emily has been making GREAT progress at Mary Free Bed, and she will be going home on December 22 – just in time for Christmas! Praise the Lord!

Here’s the latest from Dan:

Emily leaves Tuesday, December 22!!!

We go home and begin outpatient therapy here at Mary Free Bed. It’ll be 11 days here in therapy and 10 days shorter than the doctor expected her to be here. The first meeting he said “Our average stay here is 2 1/2 weeks, but I think you’ll probably be here for 3…” which put us after Christmas. Emily shot back that she was going to be home for Christmas and she is. Thank God!

Saturday she couldn’t move her arm at all. Today she is continuing more and more exercises to strengthen her arm and shoulder, as well as her wrist and hand. Getting more strength and moving her wrist and hand are the next steps toward a complete recovery.

Everyday she gets more and more strength. She walks very well with a cane now and is expected to begin walking without a cane in a couple days. She walked up 5 flights of stairs and did a ton of walking today. Yesterday and today she did some exercises with weights on her ankles to build muscle in her legs and she is now EXHAUSTED. But she loves it.

She has a great spirit; when she gets tired she puts her nose down and keeps going. It’s showing with constant improvement from day to day and more and more strength.

Shes most excited to see her dog, never mind the other junk. We’re going home after 39 days. Thank God!

Emily moving to Mary Free Bed!

We think this is exciting progress for Emily, but it sounds like she is bummed about how she is progressing. She should be moved to Mary Free Bed by now.

The latest from Dan:

We are packed up and waiting for transport to take us to Mary Free Bed.

Emily had a rough night last night with a high amount of pain as well as little sleep, due to the pain. She’s taking a nap now but the transport will be here 22 minutes ago, so she isn’t going to get enough of a nap in.

She is feeling defeated. She is having a difficult time dealing with things. Hopefully the change of scenery will be a blessing in that she won’t feel like we’re going nowhere. Please pray that she stays strong, motivated, and upbeat. Three things that have always come naturally for her.

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