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Missionaries are Real People, Too!

You might remember when Luke and I went on a short-term missions trip to Greece and Italy in the fall of 2010? The Italy portion of the trip was such a great opportunity for us to see missionary life in the day-to-day grind, and to connect with our friends Keith and Debby. 🙂

Here is a picture from that trip, at the Duomo, a very ornate cathedral in Milan.


I know in my brain that missionaries are just real people who love Jesus and have chosen to respond to the Great Commission full time…But it sure was great to spend some time with them and really see what day-to-day life is like.

And it was fun to build a relationship with them, so that when they came back on furlough this summer, we could spend time with them and have FUN! 🙂

I think everyone should have missionary friends.


Our kids got along great with their kiddos, which was really great, too. It’s always easier for our kids to pray for missionaries when they love their kids.



We had them over to our house (as you can see in the pictures above), and then were able to meet up with them a couple of weeks later at a local fair called Dutton Days. They had a small parade, free inflatables to jump around on, and a free photo booth where we made fools of ourselves. 🙂


Keith and Debby brought along their Italian friend Andrea, who was visiting the States for the first time. And he had his very first ever hot dog that day. Not sure he was too impressed. 🙂 I thought it was a little embarrassing that we went to Italy and had amazing coffee and pasta and wood-fired pizza…and he came here and had a hot dog. Doesn’t really compare to his homeland, I’m afraid.


I’m so thankful for these people! They’re gone from Michigan already, but I’m glad to know our parting is not “Goodbye” but “Until we meet again!”


Sledding with a friend

We had a fun time playing in the new snow last night!

Sleepover with the BFFs

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have 8 children ages 8, almost-7, 6, 5, 4, 4, 2, and 2?

I’ll tell you. It’s a little crazy. And oh-so-fun.

This is what the table looks like at meal time:

(from August 2011)

Recently, we were blessed to have the Perry kiddos join us for an overnighter so that their parents could have a little time alone to celebrate their anniversary. (Go, Craig and Kathy! Thirteen years! Woo-hoo!) We had a splendid time!

Five sleeping girlies

Snuggled up tight

Zachy sleeping in the boys' room

Megan and Ava playing dress-up

Karisa and Grace playing dress-up

Jaden and Zach coloring in the school room

Jaden and Zachy at the piano, taking after their parents' love of music

The big kids playing a rousing game of the Angelina Ballerina memory game

We are so thankful for fun friends!

Exiled: Romania

Way back in 2001, I was able to go to Romania on a short term missions trip through Cornerstone University, which was led by a great lady named Terre. Luke also knew Terre through his improv comedy team called RISEN Ministries.

Fast forward a half decade or so, and our church began to support a great couple named Andrew and Leah Postema. Leah just so happens to be Terre’s daughter, and the Postemas are missionaries to Romania.

Andrew, Leah, and their three awesome kiddos are home on furlough right now, and one of the things they’re involved in while they’re home is a couple of weekend junior high retreats at Lake Ann Camp. This past weekend they were going to be a little short-staffed, so our family had the great privilege of going up to help at camp.

Oh. My. Fun.

The basic gist of the weekend was that as the kids entered camp, they were entering Communist Romania. Soldiers had “taken over” the camp, and they didn’t look kindly upon Christians or Bibles or chapel meetings. You get the idea.

As the campers rolled in, the kids and I did our part…Grace, Caleb, and I stood out along the driveway next to a burn barrel. As the cars/vans came in, I stopped them and told them something like, “Be very careful. The regime has taken over the camp, and they don’t look kindly upon Christians. If you have Bibles, hide them! There are soliders up ahead, and they will be looking for your Bibles. We are Christians, and they kicked us out of our home. We have nothing. We are starving. Do you have any food?”

A few cars gave us food. How sweet! 🙂

It just so happened that it was cold and rainy that night, so the kids didn’t even have to pretend to be sad. See?

After about an hour, we were done. Then Luke’s part began, and he was busy busy busy the rest of the time.

Luke was the General.

Isn’t he handsome in uniform?! 😉

Okay, so the weapon is a little scary.

It was a pretty tiring weekend for him, because he spent the whole time being mean to the kids. He actually does like junior high kids, so it was draining to have to always be the mean guy.

And it was confusing for Jaden. He asked me bajillions of times last weekend, “Is my daddy a bad guy?”

While Luke was working so hard, the kids and I had a splendid time hanging out with Leah and two of her kids (their oldest, Grace, was participating in camp).

We are so thankful to have really awesome, godly friends who love sharing Christ with others! Thanks, Postemas, for a GREAT weekend!

Still friends

We saw this post as we were looking through the archives for something in particular recently. This is a picture of Grace and her sweet friend Karisa, three years ago…

And now see what beautiful young ladies they’re becoming!

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