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Jesse Weekend

Once upon a time, a new couple visited our church. They were on their way toward the door when I stopped them to greet them. The chat wasn’t that significant – just asking their names, if they were church hunting, if they had kids, etc.

I remember thinking they were nice, but I didn’t think they would be back.

Little did I know, they had moved back to Michigan from Ohio about a year before, and the wife (named Jesse) was feeling lonely and disconnected without a solid church family or group of close friends. I’m so thankful that God orchestrated my steps that morning as I caught them before their quick exit.

Because they did come back. And Jesse became a very dear friend.


We spent lots of time together – letting our kids play, celebrating our 100th day of kindergarten for Grace (see pic above – with our “100” glasses), playing at the park, gathering sap for her maple syrup, digging in her pond for polywogs, and lots of talking, laughter, and fun.

She was baptized at our church, and she and her husband Jared officially became members.


And then, about a year after our friendship began, her husband got the call. He was being promoted, and they were moving again. Back to Ohio.

It was hard for all of us to say goodbye. But God was shaping Jesse into a woman who not only gracefully submitted to her husband’s decisions, but learned to trust God no matter where He takes her.

This weekend I was SO blessed to be a part of our 4th annual “Jesse” weekend. Each fall, a group of friends and I have visited her in Ohio. This year, we met at a beautiful cottage in Michigan.

I’m so blessed to have a friend who I can just pick up with where we left off. Who loves Jesus with all of her heart and exudes His joy. Who loves to talk about God’s Word when we get together, and encourages me to be a more godly woman.

It was a very refreshing weekend, full of (LOTS OF) talking, laughter, food, and homemade spa treatments. If you’ve never done a Fancy Nancy Ooh-La-La spa day with your friends, you’re missing out. (Tee hee.)








I’m starting this Thanksgiving week with a very grateful heart.

2nd Annual Ohio Girls’ Weekend

This past weekend, two girlfriends and I drove down to Cleveland-ish, Ohio to visit a dear friend who moved away about 18 months ago.

This is a picture from our trip last November:

And here’s the updated one:

Do we look older now? Kidding, kidding. If you’re smart, you won’t answer that question. 😉

A few things I just noticed from comparing the two pictures…
1. Kisha likes to wear pink and black.
2. Jesse (in the first picture) and I (in the second picture) match.
3. We look more tired in the second picture. I think that’s because we stayed up all hours of the night talking and giggling.

Here’s a better one from this year:

This is going to sound vain and probably dumb, but I like my left side better. I think I look like two different people, depending on which side of my head you’re taking a picture of.

Anyway, moving on…

We arrived Friday evening and left Sunday after lunch, and in the in-between we ate a LOT and talked a LOT and laughed a LOT and shopped and ate popcorn and had gourmet cupcakes and talked and laughed and tried on clothes at an upscale consignment shop and ate and laughed. And we slept. A little.

OH, and pedicures.

Jesse’s husband Jared – bless him! – bought us girls pedicures. See?

Here are our pretty toes. Can you tell which ones are mine?

On Sunday, we attended church with Jared and Jesse and their kids, and then they treated us to lunch before we hit the road to come home. Here are Jared and their daughter, and then Jesse and their son.

I’m thankful for sweet friends, no matter how far away they live!

{We love you, Prentisses! Thanks for welcoming us into your home again!}

Fun in Fremont

A few weeks ago, my Ohio-living friend Jesse was in Fremont for their spring break. So, the kids and I took a day off school to load up and drive up there to visit. A couple of other girlfriends – Kisha and Stephanie – also brought their kiddos up, and we all had a dashing time.

First of all, Jesse’s in-laws live in a beautiful farm house. Beautiful! I thought of you a lot, Mom Rumley! You would have loved it!

True to Jesse’s laid-back, fun style, we got dirty. We had fun riding on their quads. Jaden carried a pretend gun around a lot.

The THIRTEEN kids we had with us got to climb on lots of different farm/earth-moving equipment that Jesse’s dad-in-law owns. They loved it.

(Okay, the three babies didn’t actually climb anything.) 🙂

On the way there, Caleb told me something like, “Mom, I don’t want Dodge to be in the same room as me.” Dodge is Jesse’s energetic dog. And Caleb has never been all that fond of dogs.

Until this trip.

He ended up playing fetch with Dodge for a really long time. I’m so thankful that he’s feeling more at ease with animals now…and so hoping he doesn’t beg for a pet for the rest of his growing up years.

Actually, he already told me, “I’m going to have to move out of your house when I grow up, because I want a dog.” 🙂

I wish I had gotten some better pictures of the four of us girls together (Jess, Kish, Steph, and me). But I’m thankful that we were able to spend this time together. What a blessing it is to have godly friends to spend time with!

I’ll end with a picture of the lady of the hour (Jesse), holding Kisha’s baby (Jacob).

Girls’ Road Trip: Cleveland Edition

Do you remember last spring when my friend Jesse moved away? She (along with her hubby and kiddos) moved to the Cleveland area.

Well, Jesse’s birthday was at the end of October, so my friends Amber and Kisha and I seized the opportunity to drive down and surprise her! The first weekend of November, we had ourselves a little road trip!

It just so happened that IKEA was right on the way! So of course we had to stop!

No, the dog wasn’t with us. It actually belonged to the guy taking our picture. Not sure how that worked out. The baby, however, was with us. His name is Jacob, and he’s a little cutie-pie! 🙂

And did you know that there are some really cool rest areas along the Ohio Turnpike? Apparently they’re called “travel pauses,” and it includes a gas station and restaurants. Not just a potty. Very cool. Here we are taking a little pit stop at a “travel pause…”

In order to make our visit a surprise, I had to conspire with Jesse’s husband, Jared. He brilliantly told Jesse he’d invited three guys from work over for dinner on Friday. That way, she’d have the house clean and have dinner cooking and be expecting company. But there was a little twist when we got into town about 20 minutes before Jared was to arrive home. So he let her know that his “guys” would probably make it to the house before he did…How stressful for her! Three men she’d never met before, coming to her house before her hubby was home?!

I guess that’s why she was so stinking relieved when she opened the door, and it was just us three girls (and baby Jacob) there smiling at her. 🙂 Wanna see how it went down?

While there, we ate a lot of yummy food, talked a lot, and laughed a LOT. We also took a little jaunt over to a gourmet popcorn shop and the local upscale thrift store. Don’t Amber and I look awesome in our matching sweaters and cool hats? (Kidding, kidding.)

We had a great time catching up, and we’d love for our friend to move back to Michigan. But for now, God has them in Ohio, and hopefully we were an encouragement to her there!

We love you, Jesse!

Whooooooo’s leaving?

A year-and-a-little ago, I made a new friend. We were instant bosom buddies. Her name is Jesse, and she (along with her hubby and kiddos) became part of our church family.

Jesse has been such an encouragement to me, in so many ways. She dove right into our church family, throwing her heart into all her relationships and ministries. She opened her home to me and the kids whenever we could venture her way (and it didn’t matter if she was “ready” for company – we were always welcome). She led a Bible study this past summer, talking about strengthening our marriages. She’s been a great friend.

All along, she knew she’d probably have to move again because of her hubby’s job. But the job move (i.e. promotion – yay, Jared!) came much sooner than anyone expected, so they’re promptly headed back to Ohio.

We threw them a little bash at church to say goodbye. And because Jesse likes owls (she can actually speak to them, and they speak back…really), I made her this cupcake-cake.

Aren’t the little baby owls cute?

And just so you can see my precious friend, here we are…

Love you, Jessalyn! Excited to see God’s amazing plan for your future unfold!

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