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A Decade Later


I saw you the first day of college – August 26, 2000. You were doing improv comedy for us incoming freshmen. I’ve always liked people who can make me laugh.


We spent that first year getting to know each other, being great friends. You flirted with me (and I reciprocated, of course), but you swear that you never did.


And then, that next summer, I was done waiting. You were four hours away, and we talked mostly on Instant Messenger (remember that? ha!). We had a hard “conversation” where I told you that you were obviously not “the one,” since I was the only one interested in a relationship.

You disagreed.


You drove the four hours to my house and asked me to date you. Of course I said yes. It was official on July 15, 2001.

That period of waiting was good for both of us. We started our relationship with a very healthy focus on God.


We had a fun couple of years of dating.

And then you took me on a Surprise Date (canoeing on the Muskegon River, complete with a riverside picnic) and asked me the all-important question.


That was June 28, 2003. We didn’t want to have a long engagement, so we set The Date for December 20, 2003.


Three days after my finals were done, in the middle of my senior year.

It was a beautiful, snowy day in Cadillac when we vowed to love and cherish each other until one of us kicks the bucket.


The perk of a snowy winter wedding is that the tropical honeymoon feels that much more tropical.


God blessed us with the conception of our first little munchkin a whopping 8 weeks after the wedding. Wowsers.


And in a whirlwind decade, we’ve had four kids in a span of 4-1/2 years…


…built a house, sold a house…


…bought another house, spent countless hours at FHBC, and had a slew of amazing, everyday, fun, hard, wonderful, awful, lovely memories. wedding photography

Only God gets the glory for the way He has worked in our individual lives, in our marriage, and in our family to bring glory to Himself. I pray that He continues to work away for many, many more years.

I love you, Luke. Happy 10th anniversary! Thank you for making me a very happy, blessed wife and mother. I’m always yours.


San Diego Vacation

One of the perks of being a homeschooling mama is flexibility in our schedule. So, when Luke had a business conference to attend in San Diego this April, I shipped the kids off to grandparents/friends and went along with him!

We took a trip to San Francisco in 2011, so this was our second time in sunny California.

If I had to choose between the two cities, San Diego would be the clear winner. It was beautiful there. More tropical feeling. More laid back. Less big city. More green. Ahh, loved it.


We flew out of O’Hare, and were pleasantly surprised on one of the flights to have been seated in the Economy Comfort…so Luke’s loooooong legs had more than enough room! Praise God! That has never happened before! (Usually his knees are up by his ears, or in the back of the person in front of him.) 🙂


When we arrived at the rental car place, who did we see on the TV? The Michigan Wolverines in the playoffs! Of course we had to cheer for them and banter with the little girl who was cheering for the other team.


The first night, we stayed at a hotel on Shelter Island Drive that we Pricelined. It looked really nice on the outside, but it smelled really old on the inside. We were still thankful to pay such a small amount to stay an extra night in San Diego, and we awoke to some beautiful views and the sound of a bugler from the nearby Navy base.


Since we arrived on a Saturday night, we had the opportunity to worship with some Californian brothers and sisters on Sunday. After church, I had my first experience with In-n-Out Burgers (yum), and then we rushed over to the shore to board a whale-watching tour.


We were excited. We had no idea.


Really glad I brought this stuff with me…Although, I don’t think it helped. So, scratch that.

The water was choppy that day. Luke and half of the other people on the boat spent 2/3 of the trip barfing over the side of the boat (or into plastic bags that the nice tour guides provided). It was disgusting. And so sad for Luke.


Thankfully, he recovered once we hit terra firma, and we spent three nights at a luxurious hotel on the marina, compliments of Steelcase (it was a business trip, remember?). 🙂


This was the view from our room.


I could’ve stayed forever.

Luke was in a conference for work, so I entertained myself by writing Base Camp curriculum, working out in their oh-so-nice gym (where they had a person handing out towels and little water bottles while you sweated), swimming in the pool, taking naps, having ice cream at Seaport Village…It was torture, can’t you tell?




And the two of us had time to walk around the Gaslamp Quarter and eat yummy meals together in the evenings.

I’ve always wanted to try The Melting Pot, and we were able to do it this time. We split a meal and were satisfied. I have no idea how one person could eat that much food by themselves!


We also went to a nice Italian restaurant that had buffalo mozzarella cheese (like we had in Italy in 2010, but not quite as fresh). We sat outside, and watched the crazy Padres fans go down the streets screaming and acting nutso. It was opening day, and we were on the same street as the stadium. (Oops.) I also watched this lamp in terror, sure it was going to tip over and light us on fire.


It ended up being fine. 🙂

Our last morning in downtown San Diego, we ate breakfast at Richard Walker’s Pancake House.


We split a meal, and it was HUMONGOUS!


This trip wasn’t great for our waistlines.

From there, we spent our last day/night in La Jolla (pronounced La Hoya). Here we are, ready for a kayaking trip…


I wish we had thought to bring a waterproof camera. Neither of us was willing to risk our iPhones getting wet or falling in the ocean, so we don’t have any pictures of the trip. But it was the highlight of the vacation for me. I would definitely do it again. It was the perfect weather, the sea was calm, the sea lions were playing…We saw two dolphins about 100 yards from us. Beautiful.


The next day, we flew home to our kiddos. As they get older, it gets easier to leave them for a short time. And I find it more necessary to break away to be refreshed. I’m thankful that God provided this opportunity for Luke and me to reconnect and relax! (And I’m thankful for grandparents and friends who are willing to care for our kids while we’re away!)

Happy 32nd Birthday, Luke!


Dear Luke,

I know you hate public displays of affection, so I’ll try to go easier on you this year. You’re welcome. 🙂

The kids and I love you more than words can express, and we’re so thankful for your godly leadership of our family. We don’t deserve you, but we’re so thankful that God blessed us with you.

It’s been fun to watch you grow more and more into a man of God over this past decade. I can’t wait to see what the next decade holds.

I love you with all of my heart,

My 3 Favorite Boys

He’s the best daddy, and they are the sweetest sons. I’m blessed!

Nine Years, and a Million Moments

We were so young back then. Or, at least, it seems like we were young now that we’re in our [gasp!] thirties. We were so full of excitement at what was to come, anticipation for our future, joy for the love God gave us. We hoped for so much, and yet we had no idea how good it could be.

I remember lots of raw emotions the first year. Some fighting and crying, lots of laughing, some terror at the prospect of becoming parents so quickly. Cooking mac n cheese, corn dogs, spaghetti. Watching the Simpsons and Wheel of Fortune on the couch after dinner in our tiny 1-bedroom apartment.

Now I look back and can see the way God used our marriage and our children and the details of our lives to shape us into who He wants us to be. He’s using each other and our babies to refine us. And to bless us.

Every day we have a choice to love each other and our kids, or not. Every day we face the decision of how we will live: by the Spirit, in love and truth, or for ourselves.

I’m praising God today that every single day of our marriage you have chosen me. You have chosen to keep your eyes off other women and on me. You have chosen to read your Bible, pray, and study so that you can be a great leader of our home. Every single day – even when I’m grouchy and tired and wear oversized tshirts and sweats to bed – you choose to show Christ’s love to me. Your love challenges me to be a more Christlike woman.

It’s been the best 9 years of my life.

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