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Lemonade for Bulgaria!

We are unbelievably touched by the generous people that have already committed to supporting our trip. Look over there ———>. See that? We’re at 28% already! Woo-hoo! Praise God!

I want to tell you one really cool story of God’s provision and a friend’s generosity.

Our sweet friend Lindsey is a college student, entering her sophomore year this fall. She was also the caretaker for our kids for a whole week while we were on our last trip in 2010. She’s a great girl.

Today she was nannying for two kiddos (plus a friend), and they decided to make a lemonade/cookie stand. So, Linds baked cookies, made lemonade, and then they spent a few hours selling their goods.

The intention was to buy some school supplies for a back-to-school charity in town. But when they went to the store, they found out that the charity fundraiser was overwith.

So they came to our house to give us an envelope with $59 in it from their hard work this afternoon.

We are so blessed to know this girl.

We are also so impressed by the way that Lindsey taught these kiddos a great lesson in hard work and generosity today.

Thanks, Linds! We love you!

the lemonade stand

Bulgaria or Bust!

Our worship missions team in 2010

In six weeks, Luke and I will embark on another missions adventure.

You might remember that we were able to participate in a missions trip to Greece and Italy in the fall of 2010. In Greece, we were on the worship team at a missionary enrichment conference for ABWE (Association of Baptists for World Evangelism). We were able to encourage missionaries in the Central and Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean (CEEMed) region through music, Scripture, and day-to-day interactions.

Lest you think we’re fantastic singers, I need to tell you that Luke plays bass and I play flute. They let Luke sing backup sometimes, but they’re especially fortunate that my mouth is always busy blowing into my instrument. You would not want it available for singing. 🙂

Anyway, that was a little bunny trail, wasn’t it?!

Back on track…

This year, ABWE’s CEEMed missionaries have another enrichment conference, and as of July, they did not have a worship team. So, our worship pastor agreed to take on the challenge, and we are traveling back to Europe to spend a week with some amazing folks, again spending our time building into them as much as possible.

We are thrilled to spend another week with these godly men and women.

Like last time, there are two ways you can help: prayer and financial support. This time is a little different, however, as we have a much shorter time frame for raising support.

We are in need of about $2000 for our portion of the trip.

Yes, this is a big number to raise in six weeks. Yes, it sounds crazy.

But. BUT. We have a BIG God, and we trust Him to provide. “Jehovah Jireh,” the God who provides, is a phrase we like to use around the Rumley house.

If you’d like to be a part of our support team, we’d be very grateful. We’ll put a PDF of the contribution slip up here soon, and if you’d like more specific prayer requests, you can contact us. *Edit: Here is the contribution slip!

I’m not a salesperson at all, and I really don’t like asking for money…But I’m encouraged that the Bible tells us that we’ll be blessed by our giving (Prov. 11:25, 22:9). And it’s proven true over and over in our lives. So, we’re sharing an opportunity for blessing with you! 🙂

Thanks, friends.

Pray for the DeKrygers

Our friends, Todd and Jen DeKryger, along with their four adorable boys, left to go back to Togo on Monday.

When they left for the field the first time, in 2005, we didn’t know them well. We’d only been at the church for less than a year, in which they spent much time traveling around to other churches to raise support. So, we were a part of their sendoff, but we didn’t know them well at all.

Now, 6 years later, they have just completed their first year of furlough. While they were here, they could have kicked their feet up and relaxed. After all, work in Togo must be hard! I’m sure they deserve a break! And yet, they stayed connected with our local church body and stayed active in serving Christ’s church. Jennifer, in particular, led a small group study I was involved with. I feel like I know her much better now, and can honestly say that she is a sweet, wonderful woman who seeks God with her whole life. She set such a great example of humility, Scripture memorization, parenting…I’ve been challenged by her (in lots of good ways)!

Luke was able to spend some time with their oldest son, William, this summer. (Do you remember the picture of the two of them behind their laptops in this post?) Together, they built a website for their ministry. That was a really cool connection for Luke to make with an awesome 11-year-old boy.

So, all that to say, it was emotionally difficult to say goodbye on Sunday! I am thrilled for them to begin their work in Togo again, where God has given them the ability to reach lost people for Him. And I’m sad for us, because we’ll miss them here in our local fellowship.

We covet your prayers for their ministry, as they move to the north part of Togo in a primarily Muslim area. You can read more about that on the aforementioned website. 🙂

Missionaries are cool.

Not too long after Luke and I started attending Forest Hills Baptist Church, they sent out a missionary family to serve in Togo, West Africa. We didn’t get to know them very well before they left, because they spent a lot of Sundays at other churches, raising support. (You know how that works?) But we gave them a fond farewell, knowing that they were wholeheartedly serving Jesus with their lives.

Well, they’ve been back since last fall-ish, and it’s been SO FUN getting to know them! Jennifer (the wife/mom) was my small group leader on Wednesdays, and I was able to spend this past school year seeing her heart for women’s ministry and her love for the people of Togo. She is a very compassionate, yet truth-telling, woman who loves to encourage other women to seek after God. LOVE her. Oh, and she has memorized a LOT of Scripture, which totally puts me to shame and challenges me at the same time.

Todd and Jen have four boys who are a HOOT to be around. They are all blond and adorable.

We were blessed to have them over for dinner last month. It was fun to watch the kiddos love playing together, and to be able to share life with Todd and Jen. We’ll definitely miss them when they leave this fall for another term.

So, without further ado, meet Todd and Jennifer DeKryger (and William, Grant, Luke, and Drew)…

We love you, DeKrygers! Can’t wait to see all the ways God will work in Mango!

To Make Him Famous (Part 5)

I have started to write this post multiple times, and every time I come back to it, I just can’t do it. I know I left you all hanging on the Italy portion of our trip. And I know that I need to just write this part and get it overwith. But here’s the thing…

I loved Italy. I loved spending time with Keith and Debby and their sweet kiddos. In some way that I can’t even articulate, our time in Italy changed me.

So maybe part of me hesitates to write this post, because once it’s over…well, then it’s over. And the part of the trip that changed me – that part is not really “over” yet.

So, let’s try to do this…again. *Deep breath.*

We landed in Milan on Saturday, October 23, and were greeted at the airport by our aforementioned missionary friend, Keith. As we stepped outside (mere moments before we walked right by a Maserati, by the way), we realized that Milan was MUCH cooler than Halkidiki, Greece. Whoops. Maybe next time we take an international trip, I’ll try to check the weather first. Duh.

When we arrived at their home, we were welcomed by Debby and their three kiddos, whom I adore…

The next morning, we had the privilege of attending church, held in Keith and Debby’s home. The entire service was in Italian, so Debby translated parts of it for me. Luke was able to play guitar with an Italian believer named Orazio, and that was a good connect for him.

We also attended an international church service that evening, and were able to help with their music ministry.

The next day, we got another taste of everyday missionary life as Luke and I accompanied Keith to a neighborhood of apartments that would be considered the “projects.” There we were able to distribute about 750 fliers sharing the Good News of Christ.

That evening (Monday), we went with the whole family to downtown Milan for a little bit of sightseeing. It was beautiful. We perused an old castle, walked through the streets of old buildings, and tried our first bites of gelato.

Quite possibly the most amazing building I’ve ever been inside is the Duomo. It’s a huge cathedral in Milan…So incredibly ornate and beautiful, and yet so incredibly sad when you see people lighting candles for their deceased relatives and praying to the saints. Italy, though steeped in religious tradition, is a very dark place.

(Please note that I’m leaving out gajillions of pictures I could be sharing, in the interest of keeping it reasonably short-ish. If you need to see more, let me know. My computer is gurgling-full with them.)

The next day, Tuesday, we enjoyed a day at Lake Como. One word – BEAUTIFUL! We walked around the lake, and then took the “Funicolare” (i.e. cable train) up the side of the mountain and had a picnic at the top.

That evening, we helped teach a group of Italians in an English class. It was a fun experience! The four students we were working with were already fairly fluent and able to hold a conversation in English. It was fun to be involved in that arm of Keith and Debby’s ministry as well.

Maybe one of the coolest parts of being in Italy (besides getting to know one amazing family…and besides the coffee…oh, the coffee…) was just seeing the day-to-day life of a missionary. And then catching the vision for their work. They have a strong desire to see Christ’s gospel spread to the people of Italy.

It was sad to leave Milan, not knowing if or when we’ll ever be back. But it was really, really, really, SUPER great to come back to these precious ones…

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