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Kai on Bedtime
“I hate going to bed. It sca-wee in my woom.”
“I cried in my room today. Because it bery sca-wee in my woom. You turned da light off on me.”

Kai on Names
Mama: What is your name?
Kai: Kai Charles Rumley
Mama: What is my name?
Kai: Mama Charles Rumley

Kai on Sports
Kai tosses a football across the living room, and it crashes into the ground.
He shouts, “Good catch!”

Stay tuned for more 3-year-old wisdom yet to come…

Who’s That Character Again?

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The littles and I were goofing around today, passing a little Magnadoodle back and forth. Ava and I were writing 3-letter words and sounding them out. Of course, Jaden didn’t want to be left out of the action.

So, when it came to his turn, we was concentrating very hard but having a difficult time getting the results he wanted. I asked him if I could help him write it.

“Sure,” he said.

“What do you want it to say?”

“Bildad the Science Guy.”


“I want it to say ‘Bildad the Science Guy.'”

I think our brief encounter with Bill Nye and our current readings from the book of Job have gotten a little confused in this 3-year-old’s brain. 🙂

6-year-old Perspective

When we wait in line at the grocery store, I try to keep the kids’ eyes off the magazine rack. Because, really, besides the yummy-looking cupcake recipes, all the rest of the cover material is trashy.

But Caleb happened to notice this cover:

And he wondered aloud how in the world that woman was going to lose 42 ELBOWS.

Score 1 for Phonics, 0 for Math.

2-year-old Perspective

In a typical lunchtime conversation today, I asked the kids, “Who is the most important One?”

In unison, Grace, Caleb, and Ava shouted, “GOD!”

And Jaden, who answered honestly from his heart, said…

“I am!”

A New Commandment

Two-year-old Jaden has been having a hard time keeping his speech pure lately, saying words like “st*pid,” which we don’t allow our kids to say.

So, today he said the word again, and our little discipline session went something like this…

Mommy: “Jaden, you said a naughty word.”

Jaden: “Yeah.”

Mommy: “What does God’s Word say about that?”

Jaden: “Do not spank me.”

Mommy: “What?!”

Jaden (straight-faced): “Do not spank me.”

Mommy was not straight-faced for long.

(Our older kids know the verse, “Let no unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only that which is helpful for building others up.” Jaden doesn’t, but I asked anyway, because he’s going to learn it. Someday, he WILL learn it!)

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