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Five-year-old Theology

From Caleb on the way home from AWANA last night:

“Mommy, does my heart have to be REALLY HUGE in order to fit God in there?”


Poor little bug

As I type, the girls are periodically screeching, because Ava is trying her darndest to kill a box elder bug on the carpet in the living room. Their conversation sounds like this…

Grace, giggling, to Ava: “I told you no more screaming!”

Ava, to herself: “I’m gonna get dead.”

Grace: “Step on him with your sock!”

Grace: “Ava, you’re a good helper. I don’t like squishing bugs.”

Ava: “He’s squishy.”

And my personal favorite…
Ava, quietly growling to the bug: “I’m gonna squeeze your butts out.”

In the Ladies’ Restroom at WalMart…

Caleb: “Is this a miracle potty?”

Mommy: “Huh?”

Caleb: “Is this a miracle potty?”

Mommy: “A ‘miracle’ potty?”

Caleb: “Yeah, you know…the kind that flushes all by itself?”

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