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Master Bedroom Makeover: Before and During

It’s a little bit of a tragedy that neither Luke nor I are handy-people. I think we have a good vision of how we’d like our house to look (on the inside, that is)…but no skills to make it happen.


We do what we can do, with *okay* results, and the rest of it…we bribe our handy friends to help us with! 😉

So, let’s start with the BEFORES!

Our home has all light maple trim…Except the master suite, which had a darker wood trim.

(The following three pictures are from when we were considering buying the house…so none of the “stuff” in the photos is actually ours!)




And here I am on move-in day (with a church friend), setting up our bed…


You can see in the pictures that the walls were an off-white, with one navy blue accent wall. You can’t really tell, but the walls in the bathroom were a fairly neutral yellow color.

We decided to paint all the trim Ultra Pure White and all the walls a custom grey.

We weren’t sure if we’d go with light or dark grey.


Dark grey won out, and the project began!

Washing all of the walls and trim…
Two coats of primer and three coats of Ultra Pure White on the trim…
One coat of primer over the navy wall…
Two coats of grey over all the walls and tray ceiling…


Love note in the paint from my sweet hubby

Love note in the paint from my sweet hubby

Disarray during the makeover process

Disarray during the makeover process

Once the bedroom was painted, we moved into the bathroom / walk-in closet.


Luke (aka Mr. Awesome) took down all of the shelving in our closet to make the painting possible.



And then he had to reassemble the shelving.



In the middle of the painting, we also started our Queen Bed Project, as part of the makeover. I found plans for a queen bed and nightstands, bought the wood, and my oh-so-handy brother-in-law Karl helped Luke build them.


More to come on that later!

Next up was beadboard! I wanted it on an accent wall, behind our bed. This is where our handy friends, the Perrons, come in!




All the while, I was working on finishing touches – curtains, canvases, etc – to make the final decor really what I wanted it to be….


Now tell me – if you could do a makeover on any area of your home, where would it be, and what would you do?

Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3!

Sew Adorable: Latest Projects

Ever since my first sewing lesson since childhood almost three years ago, I have really enjoyed using my creative energy to create things through sewing.

I’m certainly not a perfect seamstress, but I do love the art of it anyway!

Because this winter has been SO STINKING COLD AND SNOWY, I’ve had plenty of downtime to work on projects. Can I show you some of them?

First of all, this is a sneak peek into our master bedroom re-decorating project. I made curtains…my very first set of curtains. I have never owned curtains (as an adult – I think I had a valance in my bedroom as a kid). And I L-O-V-E them!


I used the tutorial here, and modified it to also do curtains for our master bathroom.



The girls have requested a set of ruffle curtains for their bedroom, so that’s on the “To Do Someday” list.

Next up, we are Dave Ramsey fans around here, as his principles helped us pay off about $70,000 in 3 (very tightly budgeted) years, on a single income!

So, we’re working to impart some financial wisdom to our four little offspring. Part of that process is earning money through household jobs (honestly -haven’t kept up on this part of it, but will get back to it soon, I hope!). And when they get money, they now each have a cute little Give-Spend-Save pouch to put it in!


Hopefully this motivates all of us to get our rears in gear and ramp up the job chart (or a better system?) soon. Any ideas for a better job system?

Speaking of Ramsey…My cousin’s fiance just had their second baby boy, and his name is Ramsey, so I made him this little, soft blanket with an “R” just for him.


Luke’s boss in France is also expecting, so when he visited France in January, I sent this little gem over for her.


This is a lot of sewing, huh? I told you I love it!

Next up: Pump cases! Our oldest daughter Grace and our little friend Zachy are both on Animas insulin pumps, so I made some more pump cases to hold those little life-saving devices. Medical accessories can be cute, too, right?


Speaking of cute, who doesn’t love little boys in ties? I have discovered the ease and joy of making boys’ ties. My friend-since-birth, Jana, is having her THIRD boy this spring, so I whipped up some matching ties for her three boys to wear when Little Guy #3 arrives.


Stay tuned for some very similar-looking ties on Caleb and Jaden at Easter time. 🙂

Last but not least, I made a couple crayon rolls for Jaden and our neice Bristol. A slight modification from ones I’ve made before: I used an elastic band for the closure, instead of a ribbon. It’s much easier for small hands to use.




If you made it this far, congrats for staying with me! I hope it might have sparked some creativity in you! Even if you don’t sew, go color/sculpt/draw something! Or sing a song! Or play an instrument! God is the Great Creator, and I’m convinced He gave us a bit of His creativity to add joy to our lives.

So, tell me, what’s your favorite way to let out your creative energy?

Repurposed: Another Dress to Skirt Transformation!

I was so inspired after my last sewing success that I rummaged through my closet for another dress I could change.

And I found one. Yay!

I bought this dress on clearance at Meijer for $5 a few years ago. Clearly I am not a brand snob.

The look just didn’t work for me, with the long sleeves and the hood.

So I gave it the old chop-eroo.

This is what was left:

I should have taken pictures for the actual sewing part, but I’ll just have to describe what I did.

First, I hemmed the top of the skirt to create a channel (like last time). Except, this time I sewed the entire channel shut. (On purpose, I promise.) Then I used sharp scissors to cut two little slits in the front of the skirt.

I pulled the string out of the leftover hoodie part, attached a safety pin to it, and threaded it through the channel (into one slit and out the other).

Then, I used the leftover sleeves to make a ruffle at the bottom. I just cut the sleeves into pieces of equal height, sewed them together, and then used a long stitch length (with no backstitching) to sew across the top of the long piece of fabric. Then, I pulled one of the two threads, to make a ruffle.

I attached the ruffle to the bottom of the skirt, and….


It’s super comfortable, and the only thing I would have liked better is if it was floor-length. Hey, for free, I’m pretty happy with it! 🙂

So, do you have any old clothes lying around that you can repurpose?

SEW Adorable: Reusable Sandwich/Snack Baggies

I was inspired by my friend Amber and this item on Pinterest.

So, this is what I made!

Washable rip-stop nylon on the inside. Reusable LOTS of times. Less $$$ spent on Ziplocs.

I love sewing.

Sew, sew, sewing

I hand-stitched some owls for a baby shower recently, and the kids were really interested in what I was doing. Then they began asking me if they could help.

It sounded really intimidating to “teach” them to sew, so I freaked out a little inside. But then I realized how much of my own sewing has been trial-and-error.

So, I threaded some needles, gave them some felt hearts, and let them go to work!

I did show them how to do a blanket stitch, but they did most of the work on their own.

It was fun to watch them begin to learn a new skill that will come in handy in their lives. Sewing is very practical (not to mention a fun, creative outlet).

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