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I’m not saying we’re all feeling 100% or that we’re not going to get The Plague again. I learned my lesson last time I made that mistake.

But it sure is refreshing to see a happy face.

He climbed up on me as I lay on the couch, handed me the camera, and said, “Take a picture of me, Mommy!”

Well, okay, darling. I’ll do that.


Rumleys – 0, the Plague – 7

Ava’s down for the count.

Pray for strength for Luke, since he’s dealing with this one on his own. I have a fever and feel awful. I asked Luke to kill me now, but he refused.

Earlier today he told me, “In sickness and in health, right?” It made me cry. I’m awfully blessed by this man.

I spoke too soon.

Rumleys – 1, the Plague – 6

Luke was up most of the night with a sick Jaden. How can one child get it twice in one week?!

And I spent my night by the toilet. Not my favorite night ever.

Final Score: Rumleys – 2, The Plague – 4

I hope I’m not speaking too soon, but….



That can has been practically attached to my right hand ever since Luke got sick on Monday the 16th…Yes, 10 days ago.

And unless Ava and I have this disease festering beneath the surface, just waiting to arise (sounds like a horror flick), I think we’re in the clear!

We even ALL got to attend church last night! Look, here’s a picture of Jaden and me to prove it.

Okay, you can’t tell we’re at church, but I promise we were. That’s why we look so happy. 🙂

All I have to say is, “Praise God! “

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